“I know you’re going to kill me, but before you do, please take my bible”


I am so very grateful to hear from our Dear Freind Perry LaHaie! He inspires me so very, very, much! Please pray for Perry and Teresa as they continue to carry out The Great Commission!

I believe Jesus is doing such extraordinary work in the Muslim world
His Final Words

I know you’re going to kill me, but before you do, please take my bible and I plead with you to read it.  Those were Sayid’s last words before he was beheaded for his faith in Jesus.

The names in this true story have been changed.  Nizar, an ISIS fighter had executed many Christians including the man Sayid who lay on the ground in front of him.  But none had ever given him a bible.  So, he read it.

And that’s when Nizar, this ISIS fighter who enjoyed killing Christians started having troubling dreams.  Jesus appeared to him in several dreams saying:  You are killing my people.

Nizar started feeling sick about what he was doing.  Then in one dream Jesus said to Nizar:  Follow me.  And that’s what Nizar decided to do.

I believe Jesus is doing such extraordinary work in the Muslim world for two reasons:  He’s letting Muslims know, I’m for you. I love you.  And second, he’s saying to you and me:  Look what I’m doing. Don’t be afraid! Join me!

Boasting In My Weakness

Weakness and grace.  It really sums up my story.

As I teenager I wounded myself deeply with shame.  Each time I sinned, so often secretly, the wounds of shame went deeper.  And then when I was 18, Jesus came to me at my worst, he embraced me and said, I love you and follow me.

But the wounds of forgiven sin have remained.  On one hand, the shame has been a gift.  It has kept me realizing how much I need Jesus.  It has opened my heart to experience his beautiful love.

But at the same time the feelings of shame have driven me to use achievement and accomplishment to fix myself.  The feelings of shame have often driven me to prove that I’m not such a bad guy.

And now nearing sixty (!) I know Jesus is leading me to lay aside this broken way of using achievement so that I can fully live into and out of being Abba’s beloved child.

So, if you would, pray that Jesus will pull out those remaining deep roots of shame that cause me to turn to achievement as my way of coping.

I don’t ever expect to stop limping this side of heaven.  But I do expect that the Holy Spirt will keep pushing  the unearnable love of the Father deeper into my soul.  I expect he’ll do the same for you.

Look What He Did!

I am so grateful and pumped that in the craziness of 2020, God decided to help me reach more people than ever with the message of his amazing grace and his love for the Muslim world.  If you’d like my 2020 ministry report, let me know.

One really sweet open door was being on Bill Martinez Live! on December 18th.  This is a nationally syndicated radio show in 300 markets across the country.  If you want, listen from the 2:28 mark to the end of the show.

Thank you for your heart for the Muslim world.  For your gifts, your prayers, your encouragement.  This is something we are doing together.  And Teresa and I are so grateful for you!

We love you!  Perry and Teresa

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