A Thought For Martin Luther King Day and Beyond


A man of God  Who walked this earth showing love the way that Jesus commanded. A man who faced adversities far beyond what many of us have faced. A man who even when he could have, never once raised his hand to another man in anger and frustration. A man who stood for peace and hope for a brighter day, for a better day, for a better world. That man was/ is Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. The man who had a dream which I truly believe he had many dreams about peace and harmony among all People.

He was a powerful testimony to the Bible verse:

Matthew 5:43-48 

You have heard the law that says love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say love your enemies pray for those who persecute you. In that way you will be acting as true children of your father in heaven. For he gives sunlight to both the evil and the good and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike. If you love only those who love you what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much. If you are kind only to your friends how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that. But you are to be perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect.

To be able to love your enemies and also pray for them seems like such a tough command from Jesus but if you focus on Christ just as Dr. Martin Luther King did, you can do it. Also keeping in mind what the apostle Paul wrote even during his many encounters with death and persecution in Philippians 4:13 “for I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.

Right now in the current state of our world we need to draw on that strength, draw on that love, focus on Jesus and love one another as well as those who may not like us. Just as Dr. Martin Luther King stood in the gap and put his life on the line for freedom liberty, justice, and equality. We need to be praying for unity, for satan’s divisive tactics to cease, and for people of all colors to start looking at each other through God’s eyes instead of man’s.

I thank God today for the heart He gave Dr. Martin Luther King to step out and stand in the gap for racial equality in our country. I also thank God for all the men and women of different colors who linked arms with Dr. Martin Luther King and supported his cause. My prayer is you will not just read this, but also take action by praying for God to help change mindsets, and their eyes to be opened, so they will see people no matter what color they are as God’s creation. God bless and love to you All!

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