Pray for all those that have lost their dreams, all those owners who have lost everything, all those out of work………..

The Daily Citizen Reports:

Due to COVID-19, but more specifically because of government edicts closing indoor and outdoor dining,  the restaurant industry is in “free fall” with over 110,000 establishments now permanently closed. This number represents 17% of all restaurants nationwide that are gone for good.

The numbers come from a new report from the National Restaurant Association which sent a letter to Congress on Monday. The letter supports an additional relief package that could provide aid to the nation’s eateries.

Over 110,000 Restaurants Have Permanently Closed Due to Government COVID Orders

Amid a hunger crisis, Houston struggles to keep food on people’s tables
In a city still recovering from 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, community food banks and restaurants rally to feed those in need.

Read in National Geographic:

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