God Bless the Memory of Robert Schweich, Who Served Our Country During the Cuban Missile Crisis


God Bless the Memory of Robert Schweich. I was blessed to preside over his funeral yesterday. Robert served our Country in the Navy on a battle ship during the Cuban Missile crisis, he was right in the thick of it all! Praise God for all those who have and are standing strong for America. I am thankful for all the Funeral Homes who are doing their very best during this time of the state lockdown. I am blessed to serve the families. The grieving of losing a loved one during this time of COVID is so very, very hard on families.

It is sad to think that many Americans here in 2020 do not know about the Cuban Missile crisis. We came so very close to nuclear war with the Soviet Union. America had the steady hand of President John F. Kennedy at the helm!

Can you even imagine what was going on in the minds of people like young Robert Schweich who was right in the middle of this crisis? Such bravery.

Many people thought the end of the world was near. I give thanks to the Lord for all those who showed such bravery. President Kennedy was under such pressure at that time, he did not flinch, thank God.

I have thought a lot of President Kennedy over the years and what this Country would have looked like if he had not been shot to death. What would have happened in Vietnam if President Kennedy would have lived?  ‘Bomb happy’ LBJ surely sealed our fate. The 60’s where full of hell on earth, Cuban Missile crisis, the Vietnam War, costing America the loss of life of 58,200 soldiers. President Kennedy being shot to death, Robert Kennedy being shot to death, Martin Luther King being shot to death…..all tied together? We will never know the truth.

I encourage you to read about the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS

Also please read and learn from the Vietnam War where one of my best friends Roger Carey, U.S. Marine was killed

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