UNMH NURSE: “A lot of patients don’t understand the severity of the virus until they get it” IT IS TIME WE ALL TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR THE MESS WE ARE IN!!!


My wife Sharon and daughter Gretchen are on the front lines everyday. I am very hurt that people have brushed off this deadly virus and not taking it seriously. To make fun of this, is awful. People are dying in record numbers. The worst maybe just around the corner. I talked to a Dear friend yesterday who tested negative but is dealing with lung pain and exhaustion. One of my Dear friends passed away this week of COVID. I have another Dear friend who is in the hospital with COVID. I officiated at a funeral this past week for 91-year-old Sadie Lobato, such a wonderful woman of God. Sadie did not pass away from COVID, but as the family stated to me they beleive she died of a broken heart as she was unable to have visitors in the nursing home. The Funeral Home and family put in place COVID safety measures, but I also grieve for all the people who have passed away without their loved ones around them. My friend Dave in Magdalena told me this week that his mother-in-law, who will be 100 in May, is in a nursing home and cannot leave her room, the room is very small and she also has a roommate, no visitors allowed. We all must honor God and people to do our best to take care of ourselves and others by using good safety measures. We are at war with ourselves in so many ways in this Country, look at Washington D.C.! Have you ever seen such a mess???? It actually makes me sick to my stomach. In the meantime our Doctors, nurses, First responders and many others are fighting to save us while we fight about everything from soup to nuts. I am very fatigued. I am mentally wore out. BUT I REMAIN SPIRITUALLY STRONG! We are a nation that is no longer together, we have been divided by politics. God is showing so much patience with us…..

Many politicians talk about “controlling the virus” you cannot control this awful virus! However, we all can practice good solid safety measures. My wife Sharon is very sharp on medical matters. Sharon was once a medical researcher at Bethesda. She stresses to me that there is much we do not know about COVID and its long term damage to the body. I am hearing from some of my friends that have had COVID that they are suffering side effects.


The shame of all this is we are so very divided. We fight over most things nowadays. We will no longer succeed as a nation if this fighting continues, some might say that we are no longer a successful nation, and they have a point. I warned about this years ago on KKIM Christian Radio and on my TV program when the Lord showed me what the consequences of people leaving Him for politics and money and power would result in, division and destruction of America. Many have made politicians GOD! SHAME! Look at where politics have gotten us! SHAME!

The Church has failed in this also, I warned about this years ago! The best quote on this comes from the late, great man of God, Chuck Colson said years ago on his radio program “Breakpoint” on KKIM, “The Church has become a high school pep rally.” Amen to that, and we are seeing the results of this. Many Pastors are in hiding now, I don’t hear from them, they have retreated. The American Church as a whole replaced the salt shaker with the candy dish years ago and now we are paying a deep price. The Church stopped preaching heaven or hell, the Ten Commandments, The Great Commission and so on……Those who preached the “Prosperity Gospel” have done great damage.

A deep deep price is being paid now…..How will you explain this to God?

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. Matthew 5:13

I love preaching at FBC in Reserve, they are salt of the earth folks!

I know I will get hate mail and lose friends over this…so be it. I am not here to please man, I am hear to write, speak and report what God says to me! I listen to Him all the time, He speaks to me all day, I follow Him not politics. Many Churches will not have me come to preach for my stances for God. I HAVE GOD IN MY HEART, MIND AND SOUL! I have politicians that do not return my calls anymore, what does that tell you?

It is not just COVID that is killing Americans it is evils like ABORTION, people so very foolish to think we will not suffer the wrath of God for killing His babies, sex trade, beating children, rape, murder, and more evils….all this on OUR WATCH! If I was God I would give us an F!

America became “to big for its own britches” yes an old saying from back in the good ol’ days. America fell in love with politics, money, possessions, power, fancy dancy possessions, the stock market………etc……..

EGO took over……EGO stands for “Edging God Out”

My Daddy, Wally Moede WW II Veteran, SGT. U.S. Marines, stressed to me as I grew up, “Leave this world a better place than you found it.” I’m failing Dad……..

Daddy also said when you are having tough times “look in the mirror.”

UNMH nurse says a lot of COVID patients regret not taking virus seriously

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Rural Oregon counties vote to discuss seceding from state to join ‘Greater Idaho’ GREAT IDEA FOR CATRON COUNTY AND OTHER COUNTIES IN NEW MEXICO? JESUS AT THE CENTER!

 These are just some of the beautiful pictures I have taken over the years in my travels to preach at FBC in Reserve! Salt of the earth folks! My second home! JESUS IS AT THE CENTER!

Maybe I am half serious, half kidding…..but I kid the folks at FBC in Reserve at times that maybe Catron County should join Arizona. New Mexico has always been liberal and it is getting worse. In this way I am very serious: New Mexico starts and ends in Albuquerque and Santa Fe according to the lawmakers. That is the power center of the state in so many ways. The Dems have ruled this state for so long. So much failure. I will tell you this, that if the New Mexico GOP does not get with it….new leadership, much better candidates, ( I am shocked that the GOP cannot do better than what they have done in this area of folks they have been putting on the ballot) new marketing campaign to win over Independents and Dems, they will lose the governors office again. The Dems are talking about redistricting in favor of themselves.

Before our present Governor, a Dem, we had a Republican Governor for 8 years and she did nothing to improve the state.

New Mexico is the most beautiful state I have ever lived in, with such beautiful people. I love rural New Mexico, Reserve is my second home. New Mexico sadly suffers from bad leadership from the local to state level. JESUS is not at the center for so many. These folks are ruining this state.

Rural Oregon counties vote to discuss seceding from state to join ‘Greater Idaho’
A group called Move Oregon’s Border is leading an initiative to have Oregon’s rural counties secede from the rest of the state and join Idaho.

Read in Fox News: https://apple.news/AOO07WL-eQvGciiW5DVAycw

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