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In the November 09 newsletter: You’ll see how a Christian’s life ought to resemble salt as well as the influence that has on those around them.


As a Christian, the Lord has equipped and called you to be the salt of the earth. And even in situations where you may feel small or powerless, you can still have a positive impact for Christ.

This month, take time to consider how you can add a unique “flavor” to the world with your Blessed to Be guide. This FREE, 48-page quarterly guide features special readings, memory verses, monthly prayers, and opportunities for reflection on the topic of the Beatitudes.

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Fulfilling your purpose

We were born to tell others about Jesus. It’s not as complicated as we sometimes make it, but being His witnesses does require boldness and courage.

Thankfully, God provides that as well. As you overcome your fear and uncertainty and start telling people what He has done in your life, you’ll be filled with joy—whether your message is received well or not.

The surprising joy of being a witness for Jesus Christ

Staying salty

People with a rugged personality have often been called “salty.” But when Jesus told His followers to stay salty, He was speaking about endurance in walking with God.

In this Bible study, you’ll see that the challenges of the Christian life can seem relentless, but staying the course is worth it.

Learn to persevere in the faith


Be sure of God’s will

Each day is filled with decisions, and every choice is an opportunity to ask the Lord what He would have us do.

Watch as Dr. Stanley shares principles from Scripture to help you evaluate your circumstances and decisions through the lens of God’s will.

You can know His plans for you

Give wise counsel

There is power within believers to help others understand who Jesus is and their need for a Savior.

Listen as Dr. Stanley explains how to stand true to the convictions God places within you.

Walk by the truth of God’s word

Hear His voice

You may not want to think of yourself as a sheep, but that is a term Jesus used to describe His children.

In today’s devotion, you’ll see that when you have difficulty hearing the Lord, the best remedy is to surrender your personal desires and fix your attention on what God wants.

Hear your Shepherd calling you back to Himself

New year, new study

Discover what God says about the topics most important to you with the Charles F. Stanley Bible Study Series. Choose from 12 revised and updated studies. Which one will you begin with?

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