Today is clean up day got to get my ‘honey do’ list done! I love mopping! It is how I was able to put myself through radio and tv school at Brown in Minneapolis! I worked hard as a custodian at the Windom Schools for 7 years starting in 10th grade, 3 part time 4 full time at Highland and The Middle school which is now the BARC! I share with you a couple of pictures of the old Middle School in Windom!  I shoveled those steps! I also became head custodian at Brown, with a staff of 5, they found out my track record! Thank you Babe Crowell Buildings and Ground Supervisor and Supt. of Schools Henry Bartel for trusting me all those years.
I have never been afraid of manual labor and hard work, I started as a paper boy at the age of 9 and also mowed lawns and  I got it from my Dad and Mom thank you Mom and Dad miss you so very much! I remember the day I met with Mr. Bartel and asked him if he would give me a leave of absence in case things did not work out at Brown. He told me that I would do great but he would take it to the School Board and ask them. They voted full approval. Later when I thanked Mr. Bartel for is help he said this, which has stuck with me all my life, “Dewey, you have done an excellent job for the District, life is a two-way street, we work together and help each other.”
I think I just wrote my Thanksgiving Story, The Lord and people are so very good to me.
Hard work solves a lot of problems. This is just one of the several reason I am so thankful for mu hometown of Windom where my Christian foundation was started. I left Windom in 1978, but it still holds a very large part of my heart and soul.
Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. 1 Corinthians 4:2

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