With the U.S. ranked as the most generous country over the past 10 years by the World Giving Index, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on Most Charitable States for 2021 (with accompanying videos), in addition to its picks for Best Charities for 2021 and a Charity Calculator to help donors decide where and how to give.

To determine where the most generous Americans are inspiring others to be more selfless, WalletHub compared the 50 states based on 19 key indicators of charitable behavior. The data set ranges from the volunteer rate to the share of income donated to the share of sheltered homeless.

Most Charitable States
1. Utah 11. Alaska
2. Minnesota 12. Georgia
3. Maryland 13. Wyoming
4. Oregon 14. Washington
5. Ohio 15. New Hampshire
6. Pennsylvania 16. Arkansas
7. Virginia 17. North Carolina
8. North Dakota 18. Wisconsin
9. Maine 19. New York
10. Colorado 20. Illinois

Key Stats

  • The charities with the highest ratings from WalletHub include the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, Animal Welfare Institute and World Resources Institute.
  • Vermont has the most charities per capita, 30.58, which is 4.5 times more than in Nevada, the state with the fewest at 6.86.
  • Utah has the highest volunteer rate, 51.00 percent, which is 2.2 times higher than in Florida, the state with the lowest at 22.80 percent.
  • Utah has the most volunteer hours per capita, 56.29, which is 3.3 times more than in Mississippi, the state with the fewest at 17.24.

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