Sharon and I are so very blessed by the love and wisdom of Pastor Bill Ruhl! Pastor Bill has served as Vice Chairman of FGGAM since God formed the ministry! Not only is Pastor Bill a wonderful Pastor, he is a great writer for God! Bill and his his angel wife Monica, pictured above,are a super team for JESUS!
Today as I looked out upon the Ladera Golf Course a thought occurred to me… Life is just a round of golf. You start out with your foursome at the first tee and then everyone heads off in their own direction, based on their level of expertise and integrity. Some drop an extra ball, some improve their lie, others take a mulligan, and others play the game with all its different variables and an occasional bit of luck. One carries his own bag, another uses a caddie to do his heavy work and provide advice, another has a self propelled cart, and the rich guy owns his own golf cart. As the round continues come rain, wind, snow, or shine they all press on toward the final hole. Each tallies his own score and in the end it is the integrity of each player that produces the winner. Every once in a while, the one who spent all his time off in the rough, and seemingly out of bounds on occasion, turns in a miraculous score… Scrutinized, but uncontested, since of course it’s only a game and why cheat among friends. Well, that’s life I guess. Choose who you play with, you may want to pick a new foursome in the future. Actually, I prefer the driving range and practice green. Much the same in life… Fore!!!

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