My head is swimming over the great harm being done to New Mexico owned stores, while the big boys get their cash. This is an injustice to the residents of New Mexico. The Governor would do right by having small business owners on her team of advisors. AWFUL! Yesterday at the funeral I officiated for 91 year-old Sadie Lobato, only 5 were able to attend. Many of the family from out of state came and were unable to attend because of the LOCKDOWN. Even at the Santa Fe National Cemetery service only 5 people are allowed. One family member said, “I don’t understand, we flew in an airplane that was full of people with masks on, but only 5 can go to a funeral here in New Mexico?” Very sad, sad and challenging times for families. It breaks my heart. Grieving the loss of a loved one is very different in 2020. Anxiety is an epidemic.

I know the dangers of COVID, we had a Dear friend Midge Hardwood of Minot, North Dakota passed away yesterday from it. Midge attended FBC in Reserve for a time, while she helped take care of her Dad. Right now we have around 20 friends with COVID.

I am just frustrated like many New Mexicans on the Governors COVID rule book. The only hope we have is in JESUS CHRIST!

Looming shutdown and bleak holiday sales outlook concerns small business owners

Range Cafe lays off 200 employees as New Mexico restaurants revert to takeout and delivery only

Hunger and child well being (we have no child well being in this state, we abort babies!) continues to be a huge problem in the state as well as no moisture. Our farmers and ranchers are suffering greatly, the drought is getting worse.  I do not hear the Governor addressing these serious issues. I am sure she is hoping to go to Washington D.C. soon. We also continue to kill God’s babies in this state through abortions. How messed up is our state? Abortions have never stopped during this pandemic.

Demand ‘increasing dramatically’ for food aid in New Mexico

Hunger in New Mexico

New Mexico ranks 50th in child well-being again

New Mexico ranchers face historic drought  

U.S. Drought Monitor

Paul Harvey “God Made a Farmer’”

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