WOW! What a year!!!  We will long remember 2020 for the pandemic, life unexpected ups and downs and economic stress.  Remember, life is journey. It’s a marathon not a sprint.  Many of us go through tough times but we also have super mountain top blessings from God. But, what about the tough times.  Like 2020.  Here’s the heart of this little Bible Boost devotional.
The story is taken from Luke 8:22-25. It is where Jesus tells His disciples to get in the boat and travel to the other side of the lake. You are probably familiar with this story. As they are sailing Jesus falls asleep. I know that feeling. I love falling asleep in a slow moving and slow rocking boat. Jesus is fast asleep in this text. While asleep a “fierce gale of wind descended upon the lake”. The story tells us that the wind was so strong that the water began to swamp their boat. Where’s Jesus? Even with the fierce wind and mighty waves, He is ASLEEP.
So His disciples descend on Jesus and wake Him saying, “Master, Master we are perishing!” Jesus woke up and rebuked the wind and the surging waves. Waves and winds stopped and it became calm at His command.  Then, Jesus’ questioned His disciples, “where is your faith?”. This question is presented to each of us, TODAY, in 2020.  When we are not going through storms at the present, and if not now, I promise storms will come.  2020 is just a storm of many storms we will face.
So, here’s a couple principles that we can learn from this story of Jesus calming the winds and the waves.
FIRST, Jesus promised to be with us “til the end of the age”, Matthew 28:20. Storms come and storms go, but Jesus promised that HE is with us during those storms and even when we are going through calm periods in our lives with very few storms.  Jesus was with his disciples before they got in boat. He was with them, in the boat, before the storms arrived. He was with them in the midst of the storms and He was with them after the winds and the waves were stilled. Wherever we find ourselves, Jesus promised to be with us. No storm – Jesus is with us. Storms – He is with us. Calm seas – He is with us! The question by Jesus in Luke 8:25, “where is your faith” could really be a question of TRUST.   AND and question to be asked of us.  Where is OUR faith?
Where’s our trust?  Can we trust the one who made the universe, named the stars, counts the very hairs of our heads to give us the strength and endurance to ride out the storms. Can we trust Him to know what He is doing to help us grow in our spiritual walk? Growing is always difficult!   But if you are like me, my best spiritual growth occurs during those storms.  So, that brings me to…
Secondly, we always learn best and grow stronger through adversity.
 When we go through our storms and look back we are amazed! Growing!   Wherever we find ourselves in the midst of difficult situations life the pandemic, economic stress, life’s uncertainty, hey REMEMBER...Jesus promised to be with us. No storm – Jesus is with us. Storms – He is with us. Calm seas – He is with us!   When we go through our storms and look back we are amazed at how the Master guided us, direct us, and sustained us. As with His disciples, He sends us into the lake to demonstrate His POWER AND PRESENCE!  His very presence comforted and strengthened HIS disciples and He will comfort and strengthen us as we were growing through the adversity.
 As we look back on 2020, we too, will be amazed at what He was able to accomplish through the storm. All because of our TRUST. Our FAITH!
Faith over fear brings HOPE!!!!  
Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Him who strengths me”.
I am praying for you and your families,
Leonard Navarre
Lubbock, Texas

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