My Dad, 17 year old Wally Moede served our Country in WW II, became a Sgt U.S. Marines came home to Windom, Minnesota served on the Fire Dept. (picture below is of me and Dad in the late 70’s) becoming a assistant Chief, worked as a custodian and then became Bus Supervisor for the Windom Schools, Head Usher at the American Lutheran Church, most of all a man of God, Godly husband and Daddy! These pictures above and below is of Daddy in China, also of Dad and Mom, Ruth,  who were married shortly after Dad returned from WW II. I also included his grave at Lakeview Cemetery in Windom, Minnesota.  Daddy went to Pearl Harbor, came in by ship just after the bombing, then to China by the Great Wall guarding a British Railroad yard and then was on a ship full of Marines ready to invade Japan until President Truman order the atomic bomb dropped over Japan ending the war. President Truman saved thousand and thousands, perhaps millions of lives on both sides. Love my Daddy and miss him so very much! My Hero!

My Dad taught me many things… of the most important was, if your are going to do a job, do it right the first time.

God Bless all Veterans! 

From 2015:

Wally MoedeRoger CareyToday I searched for a picture of one of my best friends ever, Roger G. Roger pictured on right, worked with my Dad, Wally Moede, pictured on left, at the Windom schools. Roger really looked up to my Dad. Roger became one of my best friends ever. He was born on November 18, 1947, so he was 9 years older than me. Roger would give me rides on his Honda motorcycle, it was the Honda 50 with the white seat. In 1966 (the year Roger graduated) Windom went to the state basketball tournament at Williams Arena and I did not have a ticket, but the officials let me sit on Rogers lap to watch the game! Roger and my dad became such good friends, Roger knew my Dad had been at Sgt. in the Marines in WWII, it is one of the reasons Roger enlisted into the Marines upon graduating. Sadly, he was killed in action on October 14th, 1967 at Quang Tri. Several years ago a man contacted me after seeing me write about Roger in “Dewey’s Daily Cup” This man was writing about the men killed in Vietnam and included my comments about Roger in the book, I have the transcript in a box somewhere! I remember Roger telling my Dad that he went into the Marines to serve our Country and to provide his family with a paycheck. Roger gave his life for you an me. My hero, my best friend Roger G. Carey of Windom, Minnesota! Praise God I will see Roger again!

I thank Linda of the Cottonwood County Historical Society, Dave Fjeld of the Windom Citizen and Pastor Paul Holt in my search for a picture of Roger. The picture of Roger is from the Windom High School Year Book.

God Bless the memory of Roger G. Carey!

PS: Some of you may remember Roger’s sister, Linda, she worked at the old Hi-Way cafe. I cannot find any close family of Roger’s. If you know of any close family please contact me. I also beleive that Roger’s Dad worked as a custodian at the Courthouse?

Just got this message on the FGGAM Contact Forum from Joanne Vold Kaiser: Dewey, I am on the Lakeview Cemetery Board. We are in the process of placing street signs in the streets of the cemetery in memory of the 5 vets from Cottonwood County killed in Viet Nam.
They are Roger, Tom Piper, Vernon Tschetter, Lawrence Gosen from Bingham Lake and John Harder from Mt. Lake.
We hope to have them done this spring or summer of ’16.

On a side note, my mother Effie Midtbruget Vold, was your dad’s teacher in the Hill School where Highland is now. Always loved to see your dad – smiling all the time.

Thank you Joanne! God Bless you!

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