Me and Randal Thom best friends from the 60’s and forever! Randal died in a car accident yesterday. This was taken a few years ago when he drove me to the Sioux Falls airport to head home to Albuquerque after the Windom Revival! We laughed so hard that day talking about our days growing up in Windom! Randal was such a Jolly Soul! I was blessed to baptize him years ago in Minneapolis.

My hometown…I love it so….as I have said millions of times….its where my roots are… Windom, Minnesota….it is where my Christian foundation was built. Our neighborhood on 11th Ave. and that area of Riveroad is so very precious to me. Last night I talked to one of my buddies from those days Jim Johnson. I had seen that Jim posted on Facebook that our Dear brother Randal (Randy) died in a car accident yesterday. I am still stunned this morning and very, very sad. I have known Randy since I was a little guy, we grew up together, played baseball in the Fairgrounds in the 60’s, we had so much fun with the teams we formed on the field right behind our house and the Lloyd’s house. We called it the Mow-Low Field. Randy was a lefty..  and I can still see him at the plate when I would pitch. The Moede’s, Lloyds, Witt’s, Larry Ramsey, Jim Johnson, Troy Raverty, the Thom’s, and many more….played on that field.

Years ago Randy came to Minneapolis when I was visiting my Uncle Joe to see me and he  and asked me to Baptize him. What a wonderful blessing. Randy loves JESUS so very much. Randy overcame much in his life. He was in a plane that was being piloted by his brother Darrell, it crashed and Randy witnessed the death of his brother in that horrible wreck. That of course affected Randy greatly. He suffered some very tough times in his life here on earth but he was a true overcomer! Such a jolly man! That is why he would play Santa!!!!

Randal James Thom Obituary

My Dear Sister in Christ Darlene Quiring messaged me last night if I still had the picture of her and Randy in his Santa Suit! Here it is Sister! That is how I will remember Randy, a Jolly Soul! Randy was playing Santa for an event that Darlene was putting on.

Randy served our Country in the U.S. Marines, he was so very faithful to America. He loved this Country, he was the greatest Trump supporter ever! Most importantly he LOVES JESUS! Now he is reunited with his Mom, Dad, and brother Darrell and all those that have gone before him. Not easy at all for all of his family and hundreds of friends here on earth, but we rest in the assurance he is with JESUS!

PS: Over the years Randy would send me souvenirs from his visits to see the Twins play! He was so very, very giving of himself! I will always remember him as JOLLY RANDY! He loved his doggies so very much! I got to visit his farm when I was in Windom a few years ago when Randy was giving me a ride to the Sioux Falls Airport after the Windom Revival! He loved that farm so much!

God Bless the memory of Randal Thom!

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1
Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. Revelation 21:1
What a wonderful tribute from Sister Shonda……..

It is with great sadness that I share one of our group members & one of my dear friends,

Randal Thom , was tragically killed in a car wreck yesterday.
Dewey Moede

introduced me to Randell shortly after my son Stephen went to prison. Randell had served some prison time and had friends who were incarcerated. He has been a part of this group since Dec 2016. Randal served in the Marines, and he loved dogs.

Randal was instrumental in walking me through one of the toughest seasons of my life. He showed me that there is life after prison and that there is hope for my son when that time comes. I’m going to miss his encouragement.
Now he is dancing the streets of gold alongside my mother shouting “glory hallelujah!” to Jesus our King!
Please pray for Randal’s family and friends. Thank you.



  1. Dear Pastor Dewey, Thank you for this loving tribute to Randy. The picture you posted made me smile……… He cut such a large swath across his earthly life and its hard to think of the world without him in it.

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