Good morning! This is the House of Hope! I’m Pastor Dewey Moede….
It is Pastor Appreciation Month…..
Here are a few prayer points for you when praying for your Pastor…

Never lose sight of your purpose: Exalt Jesus. Each pastor is in the midst of a sea of distractions, a myriad of decisions, a congregation experiencing a multitude of pains and he/she is hearing from a thousand voices about how to navigate this pandemic. They need prayer to keep focused on Exalting Jesus above all else.
Soul Care. Pray for them to press into the Lord instead of leaning away. Pray that they would nurture the essential relationships of their family and ministry. Pray the Ephesians 1:15-19a prayer over them so that they grow in their knowledge of the Lord and His Presence.
Leadership Wisdom. They need incredible wisdom to navigate and lead amidst the changing roles of their staff and their own leadership role. They also need to clearly see what ministries stay or go…don’t put anything back in the closet doesn’t need to be there any longer.
Courageous Vision. This could be the most difficult part of the process for most pastors. They need extreme courage to see and identify the new direction for their congregation and the courage to share and execute that vision. Finally, for bold and courageous hearts to make the hard decisions concerning staff, programming and building issues.

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