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In the October 05 newsletter: Learn more about Dr. Stanley’s new relationship with First Baptist Atlanta and see how you can help advance the gospel around the world.


In obedience to the Holy Spirit and leading of the Lord, Dr. Stanley has stepped down as senior pastor of First Baptist Atlanta and now holds the honorary title of pastor emeritus.

But don’t worry. Dr. Stanley remains in good health and will continue to preach from the In Touch Ministries’ studios as long as God allows.

In fact, we’re looking forward to the new opportunities this makes possible for Dr. Stanley and the advancement of the gospel.

Find out what this means for you, the In Touch broadcasts, and its ministries


Out in the country

It’s difficult to get resources to the Pokot community in Kenya. In fact, it’s so remote that pastor John Nambair has to travel by motorbike to get there.

But getting there is only half the problem. Information only travels by word of mouth, and there are little to no discipleship resources available to them.

Thankfully, we’re able to create and share teaching tools that can work within the limitations and values of this kind of remote community.

How we’re ministering to people steeped in oral traditions

The strength to endure

God knows everything about your situation and cares for you right in the midst of your pain, confusion, and anxiety.

So instead of letting anguish drive you to despair, let it draw you to the Lord.

See what God’s up to when life is hard


Stay steady

When faced with a challenge or an unanswered prayer, do you respond with joy?

Watch as Dr. Stanley shares how you can keep your trust in God strong amidst trying times.

Find encouragement for when your faith starts to fluctuate

Change your life

There’s nothing like praying to Almighty God. Yet sometimes we struggle to spend dedicated time alone with Him.

Listen as Dr. Stanley explains how to build a powerful prayer life and the benefits that come with doing so.

How prayer transforms your world

A model prayer

There is nothing more effective than praying God’s Word back to Him.

In today’s devotion, you’ll learn from the Apostle Paul’s prayer for the church at Colossae. It’s a perfect example of what God desires to do in your life.

Trust that the Lord is always ready to address your concerns

New devotional available October 13!

God’s Purpose for Your Life is a 365-day devotional that features a daily Scripture reading, words of wisdom from Dr. Stanley, and a brief prayer.

Order God’s Purpose for Your Life today

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