October 03, 2020
Today’s Daily Devotional


“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”


There’s a certain discipline the child of God must have. He doesn’t always have time to participate in good things because there are too many best things.

People sometimes ask, “Oh, have you read this book? It’s so good.” I say, “No, I haven’t.” And I think, “Where on earth did you ever get time to read that? I haven’t even gotten to the best books yet. How am I going to have time to read good books?”

I’m amazed at how many people spend so much time doing good things. But good things are bad things when they keep you from the best things. Life would be easier if it were a choice between good and bad. But it’s a choice between good and best.

How we need to learn the best! There are some ambitions, some activities, that don’t serve to speed you on your way. They must go if you want to win in this race.

Many people spend far more time with television or screen time than with the Word of God and wonder why they’re not growing. Screen time has become a drag, a weight in your life. You’re online till your brain is the size of a pea and your eyes are big as coconuts—yet you don’t study the Word of God!


I want you to ask God, “Are there legitimate, lawful things in my life still keeping me from running the race of life?” It might be a cabin at the lake, a hobby, a friend—and in and of themselves they’re not bad; but you’re going to have to make a judgment. If that thing keeps you from maximizing your life for the Lord Jesus Christ, you must have the discipline to lay it aside!

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