ABQ Mayor Planning Enforcement ‘Blitz’ to Enforce Public Health Order


I, like many of you, are getting wore down from all this….I am just human like you. Everyday I see our State and Country falling apart. We had a dear friend get COVID, as her hubby told me, “it is nothing to fool around with.” I cannot visits folks in the hospital, funerals are very different, I have presided over funerals and graveside services the last two months, thank the Lord we still can have them to give the families the peace of Jesus! At the same time this shut down is causing much harm such as suicides, drinking booze, drugs, domestic valence, businesses closing for good, massive job losses, the states unemployment fund is busted, the Feds bailed New Mexico out. New Mexico is BUSTED for sure! Swimming in RED INK. Kids cannot play sports, kids cannot do what kids do! School is all messed up. A severe drought is going on, has the Governor noticed the suffering of ranchers and farmers? Our great river the Rio Grande is dry in spots, creeks and rivers are drying up around the state.

Here is our nations biggest problem: So very sad: When I was listening to R.C. Sproul Ministries Radio program on ‘Family Radio’, not ‘Family Life Radio’, but ‘Family Radio’, a wonderful station of solid teaching and the old hymns…anyhow, the tragic news is this: 2020 Survey: 48 percent of America does not believe that the Bible is literally true! So very heartbreaking, we truly are a divided country.

We are spiritually and politically divided, maybe more than ever before, maybe more than the during the Civil War. JESUS is the only answer!

Albuquerque planning enforcement ‘blitz’ to make sure public health order is being followed

More from earlier this week:

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham held her weekly COVID update yesterday. I just don’t know how the restaurant industry is going to survive, many have closed up for good already!……I can only imagine the anguish and stress of these wonderful folks. Here is what resulted:

How to become a New Mexico Safe Certified restaurant

New measures to slow spread of COVID-19 include retail businesses closing by 10 p.m.

The state has had to get money from the Feds to fund the unemployment fund! New Mexico is broke financially.

Not many are paying attention to the plight of the farmers and ranchers in this state as the result of serious drought. It breaks my heart to look at the Rio Grande river that is dried up in spots and in my travels to Catron County the land is so parched, especially around Reserve. Please join us in praying for rain, so many of acres of land have burned up in the southwest this year.

New Mexico Fire Information

U.S. Drought Monitor

Prayer For Abundant Rain In Drought
Loving Lord and Heavenly Father, You alone are good and You alone richly provide for all the needs and the necessities of life, and in Your loving-kindness You give us over and above all that we ask or think. Thank You for Your steadfast love and gracious provision to us and to all Your creation.

Forgive us for the times when we have taken Your provision for granted and the times when we have failed to thank You and give You the honour and gratitude that You deserve. Thank You, that even though we have failed to acknowledge all that You give us day by day, You faithfully provide us richly all things to enjoy. But Lord, we come to You now, knowing that we are facing a drought in this region and we ask You to send abundant rain on the earth, which has become dry, thirsty and arid.

Look down in pity our plight we pray. It is not only the plants that are wilting, but even the animals and people in this place are parched and dry. Oh Lord, send us rain. Open the windows of heaven we pray with the sweet rainfall that we so desperately need, and water our land we pray, and we will give You all the praise and glory due to Your holy name,


“You visit the earth and water it abundantly, enriching it greatly. God’s stream is filled with water, for You prepare the earth in this way, providing [people] with grain.”
(Psalm 65:9

Wonderful Prayers For Rain From Knowing Jesus! Thank you! God Bless! Please Click Here

Many people say that ‘global warming’ is destroying America, I disagree, it is all the ungodly behavior that is. Pastor Dewey

Sharon and I have had to make purchases online because of ‘out of stock’ issues at our local stores. This makes us very sad because we love supporting our local merchants. The supermarket we shop at here in Albuquerque has been out of the dish soap we use and other items. Our heating system at the house needs a new part, but we were told it is hard to find parts for boilers and furnaces at this time. Our neighborhood hardware store has been out of ‘miracle grow’ fertilizer, and other items, we had to order online. We had to buy a freezer on line! The number one reason for this when we ask what is the problem, is the warehouse is out of stock.’ Amazon is booming in business.

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