Thursday Update: 

Ricky Mansfield

as of 12:45pm Thursday October 1st.: The ventilator was removed last night and Ricky is still breathing on his own. They are pleased with his progress but are asking us to pray that he will not get pneumonia or any infections. Thank you for your prayers, love and support!

UPDATE on my son Ricky as of 9-30-20 10am:
We were able to speak to Ricky’s nurse this morning. His name is Luke. Cindy said, “Isn’t that great? Luke was a disciple of Christ and he was the doctor!! PTL!”
Ricky was in surgery for 15 hours yesterday until 2:00am this morning. They worked to reconstruct his pelvis, abdominal wall, and left elbow. He has several lacerations all over his body as well two fractured vertebrae, L3,L4. They decided to let the vertebrae heal on their own. He is on a ventilator but are going to try and wean him off of the ventilator later today. They are also weaning him off of the sedative and he is responding well to verbal commands.
Please pray that his oxygen levels will be high enough when they remove the ventilator so that they will not have to put him back on it.
Brianna was released from the hospital today after being treated to removed glass and road debris from her legs.
Cindy, Ashlie, our family and I are so grateful for all your love, prayers and support throughout this ordeal. God bless. Thank you for your understanding when we can’t respond to every call, text and inquiry. We love you all so much ❤🙏 Richard & Cindy

UPDATE: As of 9pm last night Ricky was in surgery. I will update as soon as I get more information.


Team Jesus, Please pray for Ricky Mansfield and his girl friend Brianna! They were both in a very bad charter bus accident today in Texas! The driver of the bus, identified as 71-year-old Jerry Buckner of Albuquerque died on the scene. Please be in prayer for Mr. Buckner’s family and friends. Ricky is the son of our mentors Pastor Richard and Cindy Mansfield of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque. Ricky is now in surgery at this time 4:30pm, and we will know more later. Please pray for wisdom for the Doctors and nurses. Ricky’s girlfriend, Brianna suffered leg injuries, but now is doing well.

We are praying over all the passengers that were injured and their families, and we also pray for peace and comfort for all those involved in this tragic accident. Love in Jesus to all.

Officials release name of person killed, more details of bus crash in Vega

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