I so much love the Stoneking family! I am so very thankful to the LORD that I have gotten to know the Stoneking family through my travels to my hometown of Windom, Minnesota! Thank you Sister Lynn for this heart warming message!
Pride became my downfall.
I didn’t see it before, but I do now.
It was Pride.
Proud that I was so humble to Trust God when tough moments + seasons came.
Proud that I thought I had part of our life under control.

Oh – I still do trust Him…but a recent moment has caught me off-guard. Thinking that ‘I’ had things planned out correctly – FOR WHAT I BELIEVED THAT ‘I’ COULD HANDLE.

I now find myself sitting at His feet and simply looking up. Or maybe even in His lap.
Resting in His Promises.
Exhaling in His Presence.
Listening to His plans for my Life.
One day at a time.

I reached out to a beautiful cousin + friend today on my drive home from Minneapolis.
I asked her for prayer, cried out my tears + fears;
She covered me in a way I needed to be covered.

She read her ‘Jesus Calling’ to me.
Today – the day that I call her because she is on my mind – is the day that this page spoke exactly what I needed.

To be reminded.
To be encouraged.
“Do not fear.”

Other friends have spoken beautiful prayers over my heart.
I am grateful for these moments.
I am thankful that I do not walk alone here on Earth.

And I’m especially thankful that I do not walk alone, Ever.

Praise be to God – my Father, Forgiver, Healer, Protector, and Provider of all things Good.


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