in America, the big word is commitment. When you make a commitment, you’re in control, but when you surrender, you’re no longer in control.

The word ‘commitment’ didn’t even really come into vogue in the United States until about the 60s. It’s a very popular word today. People are telling God what they’re committed to: memorizing the Bible, tithing, soul-winning. But if a man pulled out a gun and said, ‘Stick ‘em up,’ you’d lift your hands. You wouldn’t start telling him what you’re committed to. You’d say, ‘What do you want me to do?’ You’d surrender.”

People like to be in control. We like to make commitments, but the true word is surrender. Jesus is Lord. You don’t say, “Lord, I’m committing myself to build a great church, to more Bible study, more this or that. Instead, “I surrender. I am yours, Lord.”

Only when you lift your hands in ultimate surrender will you know the power of God at work in you. You will never, ever be over those things God wants under you until you get under those things God has set over you. Start with complete surrender. Study the Word of God. Surrender fully to the lordship of Jesus Christ in your life.

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