We Are in This Until The End!

I shared this on my Facebook Page this morning………
This morning Son Lars called me and said, “Pa, I’m thankful that you always report the truth in your news reporting.” I love our Son! His call came as I was writing very difficult stories of Christians behaving badly and making politics their God. Thankful that the LORD had him call at that time. I am called to preach the truth and report the truth.
Pastors need to stay strong in JESUS, Amen! Visit us at FGGAM.ORG for a BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW, not a POLITICAL VIEW!
Let us be in prayer for the safety of all. We are seeing many things in America now, war with each other, Americans killing Americans, racism, a pandemic that has taken the lives of almost 200,000 Americans, wildfires like never before, economic depression, more than 31 million people are receiving unemployment benefits of some kind, earthquakes in America, babies being killed through abortion, burning down buildings, tearing down statues, defunding police talk….and on and on…America is failing itself. Jesus is the only answer. America has made anger, hate and politics its God.

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