This Week Angel Interviews Author Sharon Siweck


Listen in as Angel interviews Sharon Siweck from Leland, Florida. Sharon a contributing author for Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul, stories to honor and celebrate the ageless love of grandmothers. Sharon shares her story as a child and how she received a miracle after her grandmother prayed for her leg following an accident at her home back in 1947. This was Sharon’s first miracle and she has received several other miracles throughout the years.

On the broadcast Sharon shares about God’s miraculous power and the several miracles God has granted her including her most recent miracle. She gives us her practical wisdom on praying God’s Word.

Sharon married a police officer, now deceased and has two children and several grandchildren.

You will be blessed as you hear Gods faithfulness to Sharon. It will strengthen you to believe for your miracle. She believes in the power of prayer and praying God’s Word.

Sharon celebrated her 80th birthday two years ago and desires to complete a book that she has started years ago. In addition, on this broadcast she shares how she traveled to Northern Maine in below zero temperatures to speak at Aglow International. Sharon has spoken at several churches, different venues, meeting places and has been on radio as well. She taught a class on journaling God’s voice as well as the Personalities a book written by Florence Littauer.

Listen in, share with a friend and believe and receive from the Lord today as Sharon joins her faith and prays for you at the end of this broadcast. She will give you scriptures, inspiration and the courage to stand and believe for your miracle.

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