The Portrait of Jesus – Part 16


The Portrait Gallery of Jesus – Part 16

Pastor Randall Floyd

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(All Scripture quotations are from the NIV, unless otherwise stated.)

The Apostle John Gospel Wing – Portrait 16


John 16:1-15 – Giver of the Holy Spirit

(Scripture not printed due to space considerations. Please read on your own.)

          Here Jesus give His disciples the old “good news/bad news” routine. The “bad news” – I am going away. The “good news” – I am sending the Holy Spirit to dwell with you. God never takes something away without giving something better in return – even when we do not perceive that way at first. At that moment, the disciples could see no possible way that it was good for Jesus to leave them. Yet He gives them, and us, two pieces of information about the Holy Spirit that still brings comfort to us today.

          In verse 7 Jesus calls the Holy Spirit the Counselor/Comforter. As we approach the last days of history, eagerly anticipating the Lord’s return, we find ourselves continuously in need of sound advice and tender comfort. While Jesus walked this earth, He could provide that to only a limited number of people at any given time. But, once Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father, the Holy Spirit was ready to come in greater fullness than ever before, bringing to every believer access to godly wisdom and advice, and comfort beyond compare.

          The second bit of “good news” Jesus gave that day was that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth (verse 13). All through history people have twisted the telling of events to suit their own needs. Which is to be expected. This world is under the influence of satan, the father of lies. So, God the Father and God the Son have entrusted God the Holy Spirit with the task of “guiding us into all truth”. Truth is vital for us to have a proper, intimate relationship with Christ. Without truth, the relationship is tarnished, contaminated, and perverted. And that is not what God desires for us.

          So, today, allow Jesus to be the “Giver of the Holy Spirit” to you – fresh and new for today’s leg of life’s journey.

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