The Golden Rule



My little 4-year-old Grandson (XAVIER) joins me for a few minutes as we discuss the current state of our world and how we need to be kind and show love to others. In this episode, I will also be encouraging you all to be kind to those who are currently working in Stores, Restaurants, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and any other place where people have to work with masks on so we can freely shop for food clothes, etc. We must be good to others especially in these trying times. My prayer is that this episode with impact your life and cause you to also share it with others who may need to hear/ watch it.

BIBLE GIVEAWAY!! Comment on PODCAST EPISODE 100, at Libsyn, Youtube, Facebook, or The Relevance For Today Website let me know if my Podcast Show has touched your life or share your testimony. In 1 week we will put all the names of people who took the time to comment and do a drawing to pick the winner of the New Living Translation Bible…Winner must live in the Lower 48 States of the U.S…..hope you Win

God Bless and Love To You All! Thanks as always for tuning in and sharing with others.

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