Revival In 2020 Let the Scales Fall From Your Eyes


“March 25th 2020 while spending time in the presence of the Lord, the Holy Spirit gave me a word. This word was for me and also for all followers of Jesus Christ.”

We are facing the biggest crisis that the world has ever seen and many are speaking words from the Lord which is very important to our future. But hear is something very important that God is saying to each and every one of us. God has put us in what seems to be a spiritual time out, a time away from many distractions. From Sport Events, large events that we gather together and watch others do entertaining things, Movies, Shopping, and more. All these things truly have one important thing in common. They take us away from our personal relationship with God. They sometimes take us away from your Spouses, Children, Parents, and more importantly from quality time with the Lord. We have been put in a very important position in our lives right now. I want to call this the Grace Period; a period where God has allowed a reset in our lives, a chance for us to die to self and refocus on Him. We have been blinded and been led down a path further away from Him. Sometimes we have stumbled blindly on our own and other times someone was leading us down that path. Just as Saul encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus, we too are stepping into an encounter with Him. The scales have been over our eyes and we are at the crossroads. Either we dig deeper into our personal relationship with the Lord or we continue to walk around repeating our previous state of life before the virus pandemic.

Revival is truly here in 2020 and it’s not like we thought. It’s not going to be a mass group of people in a building asking for the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s going to take place in the homes, bedrooms, living rooms, basements, and even garages. God is ready to blow His fresh breath of life into each of us and give us new life. He is waiting for His Bride to return to their first Love which should be Jesus Christ. Why now, why like this? Everything had to cease so He could be the Tree of Life in the garden of our lives again. Just as Adam and Eve we had too many options to distract us from who we are truly supposed to be in this world. We have forgotten our place, our power, our Savior.

Now this very day we have been given a wakeup call, an opportunity to turn back to the Lord for good. No more shall we do things the same way, it’s time to put Him first and our needs and desires last.  The world needs hope in desperate times and the true followers of Jesus Christ have to step up and be the Lights in this ever-changing world. It’s time to focus on the sick, hurting, and suffering, the sinners, and the unloved. To be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus Christ instead of spectators like in a sports arena. Will you step up and seek Him in your homes today? Will you blow the dust off your Bibles and read the word of God yourselves instead of being spoon-fed once or twice a week.  God never called just one he called the multitude. You are chosen for a reason, the days of sitting are over, the campgrounds are closed and now it’s time to rise up and make a difference.

Are you locked down or quarantined? Then use what you have, seek the Lord first and then reach out to the lost online, by phone, by email, He will show you what to do and say. Today starts the day of decisions, if your personal relationship needs to be revived, don’t wait, allow Him back in where He belongs and keep Him first and watch what happens. Rebuild your relationships starting with the Lord and then your Spouses, Children, and Parents in your household. Take time out for Him in conversation, prayer, worship,and meditation. Allow Him to remold your life and lay all your burdens at His feet. May your new journey be one you will never forget as you prepare to be the real Body of Christ amidst the s. God Bless and Love To You All.

Stephen Lewis

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