PRAY TEAM JESUS! Laura’s Death Toll Rises to at Least 14, Threatens Tornadoes, Heavy Rain After Damage


Please join us in prayer for the safety of all and pray for comfort for those who have lost lost loved ones during this horrific time.

Laura’s death toll rises to at least 14, threatens tornadoes, heavy rain after damage
Laura left death and destruction across Louisiana and parts of Texas. Forecasters now warn of new dangers for the Eastern Seaboard.

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‘Give us some type of help,’ beg Louisianans hit by hurricane and pandemic
Hurricane Laura has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it is still dropping heavy rains and spawning tornadoes as it moves east. Hundreds of thousands of people along the Gulf Coast remain without power, and it may be days, or even weeks, before it’s restored. In Lake Charles, Louisiana, residents have begun the work of clearing trees and debris. Adam Raney reports from Alexandria.

Read in PBS NewsHour:

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