Outlook For A Brighter Day


Our Grandson went home to be with his family so Barb and I will officially be back in the studio. Thank you all for your patience as we will be continuing on with Episode 16 airing on September 6th. The following video is a commercial about our podcast show, if you know someone who may benefit from it please spread the word for us thanks. Also if you would like to connect with us on Instagram you can find us at Relevance For Today. God Bless Love to You All.

Outlook For A Brighter Day is brought to you by Relevance For Today Ministry, connect with us at www.relevancefortoday.org, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Iheart Radio, Libsyn, or any other podcast app by searching for Outlook For A Brighter Day and while you are at it, search for Relevance For Today podcast Show you won’t be disappointed. You Can Also Find Us on Youtube by searching for Stephen Lewis Relevance For Today. And lastly connect with us on Instagram by searching for Relevance for Today, thanks for connecting with us and God Bless.

MP3 Version: https://outlookforabrighterday.libsyn.com/outlook-for-a-brighter-day-commercial


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