FGGAM Celebrating 8 Years As an Independent Ministry


We are very thankful for all the notes of of Godly love that we have received on our 8th Birthday as a ministry here in the month of August 2020. We are very grateful for the prayers, love and support as we go into our 9th year as an Independent Ministry. Many small ministries do not make it this far. We have dedicated ourselves to be so close to God and follow His ways not ours. God has taught us much and continues to do so. Here is a note from our Dear Freind in Christ JoAnn Young of Reserve, NM.

I have known Pastor Dewey for almost 2 years and have become a faithful follower of FGGAM. This ministry is very informative both on current events we all should be aware of, and his teachings of Christ. This ministry, while not fire and brimstone, is very much about God’s love and promises, very direct, to the point with no sugar coating. The daily posts have uplifted, encouraged, and taught me in such a way that hasn’t happened before. Pastor Dewey’s love for God, and his brothers and sisters, his direct, no nonsense approach keeps me coming back daily to this ministry.

JoAnn Young

First Baptist Church of Reserve, NM

Please spread the word about FGGAM.ORG, reaching the world for Jesus Christ, one person at a time. It will be 8 years in December since I started traveling to FBC in Reserve. Man, have I learned a lot about God and His ways and from the ‘salt of the earth’ folks in Reserve. I love those folks so very much. Deacon Charles McCargish says that I may be the longest serving Pastor at FBC in its history! There was a time when I served at FBC in Quemado, NM for 3 years on and off and I fill in at FBC in Glenwood, NM for Pastor Dave Schumm from time to time. I am the one who has been blessed as God has taught me so very much as the people have. A couple of years ago, for about 6 months or so, I was going to Reserve every Sunday. I now go every first and third Sunday. My mentor, the late Larry Moss would say, “All that preaching is better than any seminary school you could find.” Before Larry passed on he had been on my TV program and talked about the failures of today seminaries. We miss Larry so very much here in New Mexico.

FGGAM just invested in a new website provider. We had to make a move to a larger server, some might say an increase in cost, I say we are investing in the Kingdom! God has given us a worldwide reach, God has blessed us so very much, we continue to grow. Your financial support of FGGAM helps us continue, you help fuel our engines. Would you become a partner?

Partner with FGGAM

85 year-old Cowboy Deacon Charles McCargish “Dewey has preached and taught me many things that I have never heard before in a Church.”

Andy Mason

It was said by Mordecai to Queen Esther. Her people were about to be exterminated and she could have sat quietly and comfortably protected by title and privilege. Mordecai challenged her, “What if you were born for a such a time as this? You can speak up and use your privilege to help your people… OR God will cause help to come from another source.” (See the book of Esther in the Bible). What about today? When things get hot and volatile and risky, do you hide behind your privilege and pretend you cannot see or hear… or do you go all in, knowing ‘you were born for such a time as this!’

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