Did God Say The Secret Deed? Angel’s Prayer Of The Day…


Did God Say The Secret Deed?

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. I was reading a story recently about a woman that God had given her an assignment to bless an individual with something she owned. When she gave it to her, she waited until others could see what she had done. She said they all made a big time over this gift that God had told her to give. The story went on to say how it really made the giver feel so important. As she was walking away from the meeting, she heard the voice of God. He said, I hoped you enjoyed all the fanfare because that is the only reward you will get.

Let’s Pray:

Father, you said in Matthew 6 that whenever we give, don’t blow a trumpet, because that would be the only reward we could receive. You tell us when we give, not to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing, so that deed done in secret would be rewarded by our Heavenly Father.

Father, give us an assignment today to be a blessing. May kindness, love and generosity be shared across this globe, for your glory Lord. May the world be a little softer, a little gentler to people that are looking for answers. May they see the goodness of a good Father, a heavenly Father that desires to journey every day and meet every need. Holy Spirit lead us and guide us today as we journey our day with you. Amen.

Have a blessed day God’s beautiful people. Be a blessing today. God will give you the opportunity.

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