What is Christian ‘Tough Love?’


I’m thankful God has shown me how to do tough love. If you know me at all you know I love everybody! I love to hug and during this pandemic I have not been able to hug people much! It was the teachings of Dr. James Dobson that taught me how to still love and hold people accountable to Biblical principles. As a Dad, Grandpa and Pastor I’m called to hold people accountable and do it in love. I would not be serving my Lord if I took a blind eye to sin. You can help people without getting angry. When you get angry and say things you should not, you destroy your credibility. My super blessing is That God always tells me what to do or say but there are times when I mess up because I’m worn down and not hearing God!

So many Christian are angry, they are ruining their Christian testimony, they do not even hear anything else besides themselves. I pray for all these folks, I have to watch myself so I do not fall into the trap of Satan. It is sad when Christians start showing an unbelieving world what it wants to see from Christians. Our testimonies can be gone in 10 seconds.

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