Pastor Bill Ruhl: FGGAM was founded 8 years ago by Pastor Dewey Moede, Eight years signifies “New beginnings””


FGGAM was founded 8 years ago by Pastor Dewey Moede. Eight years signifies “New beginnings”… In this case, new beginnings again. Eight years ago Dewey and I cleaned out his office at KKIM Christian Radio in Albuquerque, NM and he added off into unknown waters.. By Faith. As we stood together in the driveway of his home, offloading the final load of his belongings, Dewey remarked, “What now?” The answer… New Beginnings. Dewey was answering the next season of the Lord’s call on his life for ministry. FGGAM “For God’s Glory Alone Ministry” was in a sense birthed that day. Out of obedience, Dewey set aside the microphone, headphones, computers, soundboard, desk, and office of Christian Radio and picked up another microphone, computer, and pulpit to carry the Gospel into all the world as an itinerant traveling preacher and Christian news and media blogger, for a ministry that literally crisscrosses New Mexico and also goes into All the world. God is moved by Faith, which Dewey displayed, but obedience is the catalyst for that faith. It is because of Dewey’s heart to please God by responding in obedience that Faith us demonstrated as a testimony of what God will do when we respond, “Here am I Lord, send me!” In this season of shaking, FGGAM is standing strong on God’s promise that we will not be shaken and the Gospel will continue to break forth as light across the nations. Congratulations Dewey and FGGAM on your “New beginning” in 2020! Blessings. Pastor Bill Ruhl @ Global Destiny Ministry and Vice-Chair FGGAM

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