Dobson: Spiritual Awakening or Else? America Needs Revival at ‘The Return’

Mass Movement Gains Momentum as Household Names Endorse Christian Resurgence Marching to Washington, D.C.

NEW YORK — The ancient city of Nineveh narrowly escaped judgment because its citizens heeded God’s call to repent of its worship of men and manmade things — and the United States is similarly poised for either rebellious destruction or religious revival, according to the internationally renowned Christian leaders of “The Return: National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance.”


“The Return” is a mass movement of individual believers and entire churches devoted to praying for Americans to repent and return to the God of the Bible. On Sept. 26 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Christians will from across the country come together to worship, hear from influential speakers, and pray for a new Great Awakening for the country.


Dr. James Dobson, (Pictured above) founder of Family Talk and the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute, serves as a board member and upcoming speaker for “The Return.”


Dobson says America’s suffering, broken homes and decaying social structures are the natural consequences of a half-century of godless violence against the unborn.


“This moral degeneracy has resulted in shattered families, public schools that are corrupting our young, and seething hostility to the institution of marriage,” Dobson wrote in a July newsletter. “God’s holy name has been reduced to a sacrilege. A centerpiece of this evil world is the abortion industry which has murdered 60 million babies whom the Creator was knitting together in their mothers’ wombs. Their blood calls out to the Creator from the ground in which they lie.”


But the God of the Bible — and of millions of Americans — is faithful to preserve a remnant by calling His people to repentance, such as through “The Return: National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance.”


“That brings me to the most encouraging news I have to share with you. There is a huge event scheduled to occur on September 26th of this year. It is being called ‘The Return,’ Dobson wrote. “While it often appears that Western Civilization as we have known it is in its closing days, there are millions of Christians in this country who love Jesus and are praying fervently for a spiritual renewal. I am convinced that their plaintive pleas are being heard in heaven.”


The God of the Bible is a God of mercy. Just as in the case of Nineveh, when people humbly cry out in true repentance, He hears them and can bring revival.


Dobson says the future of the United States depends on what the American church does right now.


“Everything that made America great in these 244 years hangs in the balance,” Dobson wrote. “When I am tempted to despair, I remember that God is in control. Let’s continue to ask Him to bring a mighty spiritual reawakening that will restore our beloved nation to its spiritual roots and draw us to Himself.”


“The Return” is for all believers who love the Lord from all denominations and backgrounds. Leaders already on board with “The Return” include Jonathan Cahn and Kevin Jessip (co-chairs), Mike Lindell, Michele Bachmann, Pat Boone, Mark Gonzales, Robert Morris, Marcus Lamb, John Kilpatrick, Pierre Bynum, Gen. William Boykin, Carter Conlon, Bishop Harry Jackson, Alveda King, Anne Graham Lotz, Pat and Gordon Robertson, Kevin and Sam Sorbo, Stephen E. Strang, E.W. Jackson and many more supporters listed at


Co-chairs of “The Return” Jonathan Cahn and Kevin Jessip have recorded a special video about the event, which already has over a million views. Watch here.


“The Return” is set for 40 days before the presidential election, and on the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, in the days of America’s founding and dedication to God. Surrounding the “The Day of Return” on Sept. 26 at the Washington Mall will be 10 days, known from ancient times as the Days of Awe, to be set as a special time of prayer and repentance from Sept. 18-28.


Coordinated events within “The Return” movement will also take place throughout America’s cities, towns, houses of worship and homes, as well as in multiple countries around the world, as many believe the nation has been given a critical window of opportunity to repent and return to God.


Visit The Return at to register and learn more. Follow “The Return” on social media at Facebook: @ReturnEvent2020; Twitter: @2020_Return; and Instagram: @The_Return2020.

“The American Church must be missionaries in it’s own country. The Church must go to the people. The Church must not wait for the people, the American Church must carry out The Great Commission, Do not rely on Facebook, YouTube and other technology, go seek the people, every soul is precious, one person at a time. The Great Commission is not a suggestion, it is a command from our Lord.” Pastor Dewey Moede

I want to thank our Dear Friends Devon and Kay Lawrence for giving me the heads up on this AWESOME STORY!!! We are thankful to you all who give me news tips! I need your help as always! Love to you all! This is the best news I have heard in a long time!!! GIVES US ALL HOPE!!! Thank the Lord for Pastor Joshua Giles!!! I pray this will happen in every state in the union!!! Here in New Mexico we are in a Spiritual drought big time! At the top is a picture of Eddilu Brown Being baptized at our Revival at FBC in Reserve on October! PTL!!!

This is what happens when the Church leaves the walls!! Carrying out The Great Commission! The Church has gotten too comfortable with the walls. How many baptisims has your Church done this year? When is the last time your Church hit the streets?

God Bless you Pastor Joshua!!!!

I love walking the streets of Reserve, NM before and after I preach! We are planning another revival at FBC in Reserve yet this year possibly in Sept. We had one in October of 2019!!!

The streets of Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed are being used by God to save those searching for hope and healing.

For several weeks, Christians and nonbelievers have come to the area to praise, worship, and profess their faith in Christ.

During a Facebook interview, Bethel Music’s Sean Feucht and Pastor Joshua Giles talked about the movement of God that continues in Minneapolis as people are giving their hearts to the Lord.

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