This is not a good spot to be in for our Police Officers. It is not a good spot FOR THE CITIZENS of Albuquerque. I have had reports for a long time on how the majority of Officers are not happy with the leadership in Albuquerque. Of late we have had officers patrolling the park Daisy and I run in and I have stopped to talk to them and tell them I pray for them constantly. They are always so very nice to me. I choke up when I am talking to them because I realize they put their life on the line for me and my family everyday. I had a Police SGT, tell me awhile back, “The people do not fully realize how dangerous this city has become.” Hell on earth, some may say.

The Albuquerque Journal ran this story:

The survey also found that 62% of officers do not feel supported by Police Chief Michael Geier, 96% do not feel supported by the City Council and 83% do not feel supported by Mayor Tim Keller.Not Good!


Trump Announces Surge of Federal Agents to Chicago, Albuquerque to Combat Rise in Violent Crime

President: Operation Legend will target violent crime

Pres. Trump announces plans to expand Operation Legend to Albuquerque

FBI announces reward in slain ABQ woman’s killing as part of ‘Operation Legend’

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