My Dad, My Hero Forever

Every time I read what I write about my Dad or Mom……I think there should be more. It is hard to explain how my Dad has affected my life. I will be 64 on July 4th. My Dad passed into the arms of Jesus at age 64 on Easter Sunday 1992. Dad died of a heart attack. I thought my world was ending when I got that call from my brother Darly at 3am Easter morning. Then Mom passed into the arms of Jesus at age 64 in Jan. of 1995 of cancer, I beleive it was caused by a broken heart. Sometimes we need to be reminded that life here is only for a short time. I do not know about you, but Grandpa Caraway always told me, “Dewey, time will go faster the older you get.” I have found that to be so very true.

I have been called by God to share his light to one person at a time. That is why I preach, one person at a time. It is urgent to get the gospel out into America, it is urgent to carry out The Great Commission in America. This is where my Dad’s work ethic comes in. Dad taught me very early on age 7 or 8, work hard, be ethical, be trustworthy, when you do a job, do it right the first time, love all people. This is why I get up most days at 3am to work here at FGGAM, this is why I travel as a circuit preacher, today FBC in Reserve next Sunday FBC in Glenwood. My Dad taught me to always finish a job. People ask me when I am going to retire….nope, not in the Bible, God will retire me. One of the reasons I preach is because of my Dad and Mom and grandparents, I want every child to have what I got, the love of Jesus!

I wrote this a couple of days ago on Facebook….

Dewey Moede

My Dad, Wally loved his Job as Supervisor of Transportation for the Windom, Minnesota Public Schools. His main love was taking care of all the children to make sure they got on the right bus and home safely and he loved to drive the Team Bus, meaning the Football, Basketball, Baseball…or whatever sport! Dad returned from WW II, SGT U.S. Marines, and worked at his brother Joe’s grocery store and also joined the Fire Department, eventually becoming Assistant Chief, married Mom in 1952, went to work for the Windom Schools as a Custodian and bus driver and then when the School bought the Bus Fleet from Joe Elsing Dad was hired by School Supt. Jerome Webster and the School Board to be the Supt. of Transportation. I beleive that was in 1965. Dad held that job and served Windom with all his heart until his sudden death on Easter Sunday 1992 at age 64. Dad was head usher at the American Lutheran Church for many years. Dad taught me honesty, loyalty and hard work.I miss him so very much, but I carry him in my heart and soul. One day years ago, had to be in the late 60’s the Methodist preacher at that time in Windom said on KDOM Radio, “Wally Moede is God’s angel on earth taking care of our children.” Those words are with me everyday, I pray that when I pass away that can be said of me also.I want to add that is it because of Mr. Webster, Dr. Harold Basinger and John Bell that Dad got that job, they highly recommended him. Dad left home to enlist at 17 years of age. Dad is my hero he served God, Family, Country, and Windom with all his heart!

I am so very thankful for this post last year by Kathy Branzell!

Thank you to President Kim Branzell of the National Day of Prayer for this post!

Friend —We pray that you have seen God move as you have been praying and showing the love of Jesus to at least one person that God put on your heart. Love is a journey, and we know the Spirit will prompt you in many Love One Another moments as you commit to put love into practice.

With Father’s Day approaching, we want to wish all the Dads a very Happy Father’s Day as well as pausing to look at some prayer points for everyone to consider this week. Holidays raise an assortment of emotions in people as we have different stories and experiences – especially when it comes to the subject of family. Prayerfully consider the following thoughts and prayer prompts as we head into this weekend. Pray through the one that best describes you, and then pray for those in different situations.

  1. You may have been blessed with an amazing Dad who showed you love in too many ways to count. Of course, no one is perfect, but you are extremely thankful for your Dad, his discipline, sacrifice, the time he spent with you, memories you made and especially for raising you to follow Jesus. If that is you then please take this weekend to thank God and if you are able, thank your Dad.
  2. Perhaps you had a Dad that was often aloof, absent, abusive – or you never even got to meet him. Know that there are many people who share your pain and even more who are praying for you through what can be a very painful weekend. Let me humble suggest that you pray for them, and in obedience to God, forgive them. Forgiveness does not make what they did okay, it makes you okay. God will bring comfort, healing and even peace to the hurting places in your life when you walk in His ways and obey His commands. This leads to the next suggestion…
  3. Think about the people who were, “like-a-Dad” to you and thank God for them. God may have put a coach, teacher, mentor, pastor, youth leader, neighbor, or someone else who was not your biological father but you proudly call them, “Dad.”. They may have no idea how much they mean to you; take some time to call, email or send a card to let them know that you thank God for putting them into your life.
  4. You may be one of the many men who have been praying fervently to become a Dad but still do not have a child of your own. We are praying with you, continue to ask God for a child to love. While you are waiting, look for chances to be a “like-a-Dad,” as a mentor, tutor, or other opportunities that abound within ministries and organizations that serve children who are desperate to have someone like you in their lives.
  5. If you’ve lost your Dad recently, know that we are praying for you. You can also pray about your Dad and all of the events in your life to your Heavenly Father who will never leave you.

We all need to claim and cling to God as our PERFECT Heavenly Father. He loves you more than you can imagine; He gave you life and guides and guards you with His perfect love. He disciplines us because He loves us, not to control us. God’s discipline flows from His awesome wisdom as the creator of all life and the designer of the destiny of your life. He blesses us with experiences and talents, resources and relationships and most of all He lavished us with His love by sending His Son Jesus to pay the debt of our sin and bring us into an abundant and eternal relationship with our Heavenly Father. That is cause for us all to celebrate Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day from the National Day of Prayer Task Force!

Serving Him with gladness,

Kathy Branzell

President, National Day of Prayer Task Force

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