Let’s Roll Church!


Thank you Sister Ethel Maharg, pictured, for your message to the Church! POWERFUL!

During 911 word came to flight 93 that they were turning from Cleveland and going back to Pennsylvania. They were flying incredibly low trying to avoid the radar making it possible for their cell phones to work. They were being told they were about to be killed so they were calling their loved ones to say goodbye. They had already taken out the Twin Towers, and  had hit the Pentagon in an effort to take out the President. Flight 93 was to take out the congress. The men and women aboard knew they had to do the right thing. They had integrity, character, and so they prayed then exercised great courage, and said we’re going to do something so “Let’s roll”, and they did and saved the congress of the United States giving their lives for this cause.  What does this have to do with this election and life? Everything.

The life issue has become the most important issue of our day.  If you don’t think so then answer this question. Why did Planned Parenthood pour millions of dollars into our state to take out the 5 Democrat candidates, that’s right Democrats who stood for life? They take out their own if they dare have a conscious and vote their values. They don’t want us to touch their little abortion business, their cash cow.

Well I for one intend to do everything in my power to do just that. I wait for the day that they come tumbling to the ground, yet this will never happen if we don’t engage everyone in this election. The sad truth is though that according to church votes publication, there are 90 million Christians who are eligible to vote, yet in 2016 only 40 percent did so and 15 million are not registered. In My faith votes states that 25 million Christians who are registered to vote won’t vote in the upcoming presidential election unless we motivate and equip them to vote! In 2013 when we tried to pass a 20 week ban on abortion the church was silent because we didn’t want to offend anyone.  65% of evangelicals stayed home; therefore we have abortion to the day of delivery with permission of the church. Congratulations we sent millions of children to their death, but nobody was offended.

I know this is hard, but it has to be said. Millions of Christians have sat on the sidelines for far too long. The days of not offending people are over. That’s what I love about our President. He offends them all. I’ve been told by the left if what I say offends you, it’s on you. You see they don’t have a problem offending us, yet we tiptoe around the issues. No more.  Am I offended? You bet I am and for me it isn’t political, it’s personal. The far left continues to attack my people in my state, my country and my President, the most pro-life President in the history of our country. You bet it’s personal. My question is, Is it personal for you and if it isn’t why not? It’s time to wake up people.

I often say that the church has an enormously powerful muscle it isn’t flexing, because if it did, it would be game over. None of what we see happening today would be happening, no church closures, no riots, and no abortion on demand or assisted suicide.  This election is in my estimation the most important elections in the history of our state and country. God forbid we lose. We will be redistricted into oblivion leaving us with a snowball’s chance of ever winning a battle on life.

Folks we are on flight 93 all over again. We need to be calling everyone and tell them WE’RE GONNA DIE.  You are going to be asked to do something. We cannot allow 25 million people who are registered to vote sit home. This is unacceptable because if they do life as we know it will be over, and every year a million more children will die. If you are a candidate and you get our questionnaire, answer it and get it back to us. We get a lot of calls asking us where candidates stand on life. Don’t make them guess.

You and I may not be called to die as they did on this flight, yet we are called to fight for life, for the soul of our state and so we ask ourselves, what are we going to do? Pray? Have great courage?  That’s great we need all the prayer we can get, and it will certainly take courage but we need to get off of our knees and pray as we march into battle and take down the terrorists seeking to destroy our state. My question is are you ready? Then Let’s roll!

Ethel Maharg

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