American Pastors Network President: Anarchy, Toppling of Monuments Supports Growing Fear of Next Civil War


PHILADELPHIA— With the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) occupation in Seattle dissolving after gunshots left one dead, protestors in many U.S. cities are emboldened to knock down or deface monuments of national founders or heroes such as Teddy Roosevelt, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Francis Scott Key, and others. Authorities seem paralyzed to protect and preserve public property.


The demonstrations that have led to the militant takeover of blocks of Seattle and the toppling of statues from east to west support the growing suspicion that civil war is imminent, according to American Pastors Network (APN, President Sam Rohrer.


“It is important to confront what is happening in America’s streets,” Rohrer said. “This is particularly important in light of this month’s Rasmussen poll findings that over 34% of all Americans and 40% of registered Republican voters believe the U.S. will experience a second civil war within the next five years.


“The open anarchy in the streets is one problem,” Rohrer continued. “But the toppling of monuments across the country is another troubling action. With the toppling of monuments of people who fought to end slavery in America, and then the toppling of the statue of Francis Scott Key the writer of the national anthem of the United States—“The Star Spangled Banner”—there is more happening than meets the eye.


“Instead of destroying monuments, Americans and especially Christians should leverage God’s purposes for monuments by reflecting on God’s provision and blessings in this nation and thank Him for how He blesses this nation with greater justice and more freedom when we follow God’s moral law, and how He judges this nation with a great evidence of injustice and less freedom whenever we reject God’s moral law—just as God instructed Joshua and His people after He freed them from 400 years of Egyptian slavery,” Rohrer concluded.

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From Dr. Jim Denison:

If you’re feeling stressed this morning, know that you’re not alone.

A recent General Social Survey shows that just 14 percent of American adults say they’re very happy, down from 31 percent who said the same two years ago. That year, 23 percent said they had often or sometimes felt isolated in recent weeks. Now, 50 percent say that.

In total, fewer Americans are likely to call themselves happy than at any point since the survey began in 1972. The study aligns with research analyzing words on Twitter, which reported that Americans’ happiness in recent weeks was the lowest ever recorded.

According to a new report by the American Psychological Association, more than 70 percent of Americans say this is the lowest point in US history they can remember. And the percentage of Americans who are “extremely proud” of their country has fallen to 21 percent, the lowest since Gallup began measuring this sentiment in 2001.

‘The Return’ – Reformation Begins With The Church

 ‘The Return: National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance’ on Sept. 26 in Washington, D.C., asks churches to get involved today

NEW YORK—Reformation begins in the churches, and the upcoming event known as “The Return” is an invitation for all believers and their churches to gather together in prayer to seek God’s presence and to spark a nationwide reformation.

Thousands of Christians are expected to gather on the mall in Washington, D.C., on September 26 for “The Return: National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance.” With less than 90 days until the event, the movement’s leaders are calling on churches to get involved now.

America has in great measure departed from God and His ways, and America’s reformation begins by reminding America’s churches of the rock on which their country was founded, according to “The Return” co-leader Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger” and multiple New York Times Best Sellers.

“In many instances we have removed God from our public squares, our culture, and our lives,” Cahn said. “It is written in the Scriptures that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people and, further, that the ways of unrighteousness lead to judgment. However, the Scriptures also set forth that God is love and abounding in mercy and that all who come before Him to seek for His mercy will find it—and that in repentance and return will come forgiveness, salvation, healing, revival and restoration.”

“The Return” is an appointed time set aside to submit corporately to God with a spirit of humility through prayer and repentance. As churches draw near to God before, during, and after “The Return,” they could spark a reformation.

On Pentecost, two thousand years ago, God poured out the Holy Spirit to believers who in turn spread the gospel worldwide. What followed was a movement of church planting and accountability through organizational structures that provided both support and accountability. Eventually, as happens in a sinful world, corruption, idolatry, and immorality made its way into churches—corruption that continues today.


The call to churches in Revelation 3:1-3 applies to churches today:

“I know your works. You have the reputation of being alive, but you are dead. Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God. Remember, then, what you received and heard. Keep it, and repent. If you will not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come against you.”


Central to “The Return” movement is the fact that restoration is one of five elements of a journey that leads to God’s redemption of the human condition, knowing that it is only the Holy Spirit who can lead a person to return to God: RepentanceReconciliationRestorationRevival and Reformation.


“The Return” is for all believers who love the Lord from all denominations and backgrounds. Leaders already on board with “The Return” include Gen. William Boykin, Carter Conlon, Dr. James Dobson, Bishop Harry Jackson, Alveda King, Anne Graham Lotz, Pat and Gordon Robertson, Kevin and Sam Sorbo, Stephen E. Strang and many more.

Cahn has also recorded a special video for “The Return,” which already has over a million views. Watch here.

“The Return” is set for 40 days before the presidential election, and on the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, in the days of America’s founding and dedication to God. Surrounding the “The Day of Return” on Sept. 26 at the Washington Mall will be 10 days, known from ancient times as the Days of Awe, to be set as a special time of prayer and repentance from Sept. 18-28.


Coordinated events within “The Return” movement will also take place throughout America’s cities, towns, houses of worship and homes, as well as in multiple countries around the world, as many believe the nation has been given a critical window of opportunity to repent and return to God.

Visit “The Return” at to register and learn more. Follow “The Return” on social media at Facebook: @ReturnEvent2020; Twitter: @2020_Return; and Instagram: @The_Return2020.

More From Pastor Dewey:

We all have had a part in the downfall of America…..We have not made this a better world than we found it. My Daddy, Wally Moede, Marine SGT. WW II told me to leave this world a better place than I found it…I have failed for now….

My heart breaks for my family, kids and grandchildren and my Church and community and nation.

Satan is having his way with so very many in my country.

I will keep preaching until I die!

A Country that calls on God to bless it that kills His babies through abortion is all messed up.

From Roger Tetro: We live in a time when Satan doesn’t even hide anymore, and people still don’t see him.

From My Brother Pastor Kevin Koop:

Kevin Koop Reminds me of the lyrics of Keith Green’s song: No One Believes in Me Anymore. Here are the lyrics:

Oh, my job keeps getting easier
As time keeps slipping away
I can imitate your brightest light
And make your night look just like day
I put some truth in every lie
To tickle itching ears
You know I’m drawing people just like flies
‘Cause they like what they hear
I’m gaining power by the hour
They’re falling by the score
You know, it’s getting very simple now
‘Cause no one believe in me anymore
Oh, heaven’s just a state of mind
My books read on your shelf
And have you heard that God is dead?
I made that one up myself
They dabble in magic spells
They get their fortunes read
You know they heard the truth
But turned away and followed me instead
I used to have to sneak around
But now they just open their doors
You know, no ones watching for my tricks
Because no one believes in me anymore
Everyone likes a winner
With my help, you’re guaranteed to win
And hey, man, you ain’t no sinner
You’ve got the truth within
And as your life slips by
You believe the lie that you did it on your own
But don’t worry
I’ll be there to help you share our dark eternal home
Oh, my job keeps getting easier
As day slips into day
The magazines, the newspapers
Print every word I say
This world is just my spinning top
It’s all like childs-play
You know, I dream that it will never stop
But I know it’s not that way
Still my work goes on and on
Always stronger than before
I’m gonna make it dark before the dawn
Since no one believes in me anymore
Well, now I used to have to sneak around
But now they just open their doors
You know, no one watches for my tricks
Since no one believes in me anymore
Well I’m gaining power by the hour
They’re falling by the score
You know, it’s getting very easy now
Since no one believes in me anymore
No one believes in me anymore
No one believes in me anymore

Most Do Not Believe in Satan

I Strongly Suggest You Read This Book By The Great Man of God Chuck Colson

Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience

Now here is someone I can fully support!!

Kristi Noem is a four-term Congresswoman and the current Governor of South Dakota. I have been watching from afar the work of Governor Noem. Several weeks ago I watched many people in South Dakota drive around the South Dakota Governors mansion honking their car horns in support of Governor Noem for her awesome work!

Governor Noem is tough, unlike many, if not all the Governors in America. I am ashamed of the Governors and Mayors who watch their state and cities being torn down brick by brick and they do nothing.

Governor Noem is Presidential! I pray she will run for President next time! She has my vote! Governor Noem gives me hope for America, in a time when we desperately need Godly leadership!

I am praying for Governor Noem everyday now!

I worked radio in Watertown, South Dakota back in the late 80’s at KWAT/KIXX. Love the state! A lot of summers as a kid in Minnesota our family went to Mount Rushmore!


South Dakota gov warns Mount Rushmore won’t be targeted: ‘Not on my watch’

Wray reveals FBI ‘looking carefully’ at foreign interference in protests following George Floyd’s death
The FBI is “looking carefully” at the possibility that foreign actors are influencing the sometimes-violent nationwide protests in the wake of George Floyd’s in-custody death, FBI Director Christopher Wray exclusively told Fox News’ Bret Baier on Wednesday.

Read in Fox News:

Shared from Apple News

What happened to preachers that are so very bold in our LORD and speak out as to what is going on in our Country???!!! I always have and will. I am unpopular with many because of it, I do not belong to the ‘religious elite.’ Many Pastors must answer the question: Why did you stop preaching THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND THE GREAT COMMISSION????

God will hold Pastors accountable, just like anybody else!

World famous Pastor, the late D. L. Moody said, “For one thing, we must fight worldly habits and fashions. We must go against the customs of the world. I have great respect for a man who can stand up for what he believes is right against the world. He who can stand alone is a hero.”

America is so very divided at this time, the Church is also divided with so many unbiblical messages, we are fighting ourselves, call it like it is, we are in a civil war…..a fight for our livelihood.

Roger Tetro posted this: We live in a time when Satan doesn’t even hide anymore, and people still don’t see him.

The American Church long ago, for the most part stopped preaching HELL!

As I have said fore years Satan is having his way with many in America.

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