Don’t Fight Over The Vegetables! Angel’s Prayer Of The Day…


Don’t Fight Over The Vegetables!

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. I had a friend call me recently for prayer. She has been diagnosed with cancer once again. It’s back, she told me. We spoke scripture, discussed her previous healings and how Jesus Christ has not changed. He was her healer round one and he is still on the throne as healer round two. Nothing has changed. I prayed with her and cursed that cancer right at the root. Then I remembered…

I was speaking at a conference a few years ago. This dear lady flew in. She is a beautiful person and woman of God. I had connected her with someone I thought was a friend at the time. I knew I would be right out straight with all these last minute details and I like to fast, pray, etc. listening for what God wants or any special instructions.

This dear lady came to the meeting with these two folks, that I had connected her with. They were upset at the cost of the meeting and the price of the meal ($10.00) that Friday night. They never came to the other meetings on Saturday and the lady that flew in was stuck. There was a clause scholarship money available and those two religious folks could have said they needed it and there would never had been any question. God was revealing what was in the heart. They had plenty of money to pay for their own and everybody elses in the room.

Jesus was free to me and I try hard to keep Jesus free to his people. These ladies (friends?) was upset, finding fault with whatever they could. One of these women complained she didn’t get enough vegetables and she told the lady volunteering so. For $10.00 she thought she could get a better meal. What could be better than coming to a meeting to meet with Jesus? He is the bread of life.

Somebody shout, it’s not about the vegetables! It should never be about the food beautiful people or the money. It’s Jesus responsibility to get the bills paid and he is life to the driest bones. We try hard to do things with excellence, but if we see something or if we get a little less on our plate, shouldn’t we cover it? I thought as a friend, I could trust her. The Bible says love covereth a multitude of sin. This wasn’t even about sin, this was about vegetables. I had trusted someone that wasn’t worthy of my trust.

As we plan our meetings we put so much emphasis on all the wrong things at times. It’s not all about us beautiful people, we are already saved. We are being trusted with peoples lives. People carrying diagnosis of cancer, been through rape, traumatized beyond words at times. We have the key, the answer, but can we be trusted? What if we don’t get enough vegetables on our plate? What if we didn’t complain at the cost and maybe help someone else that couldn’t pay, because we can. What if? What if? What if?

To the woman with cancer, vegetables is the last thing on her mind today. She needs to touch the hem of his garment. At the end of the day, I was the one that asked God to forgive me. I had connected her to people full of religion instead of full of him.

Let’s Pray:

Father, you look at the heart. Although it’s been a tough shaking in our world, I somehow think you are in the shaking of your church. People are important to you. You created every life in your image. I ask myself oh God, what are the important things? God, shake out any religion in us. Shake it out of me, I pray. Shake, shake, shake…

Father, forgive us, forgive me when I was the one that had too much to say. Examine our hearts today. You see everything and nothing escapes your watchful eye and listening ear.

Father, can you trust me (us) with more? Amen.

Have a blessed day God’s beautiful people. Don’t fight over the vegetables. Pass the plate please. (Yesterday’s Writing)

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10


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