Who Will it Be NM? Elisa Martinez? Mark Ronchetti? or Gavin Clarkson?


I do not endorse candidates, it is up to you to vote for who God shows you to vote for. FGGAM is a non-partisan news and information source reporting from a Biblical Worldview, not a political worldview. I am been very outspoken that I do not like politics and big money. I have covered news on and off since 1978, starting as a reporter for the Minnesota State News Network. I have done it full-time now for almost 16 years here in New Mexico. I am also a Preacher of the gospel. I am just a simple man of God. I have my pulse on the common folk, like myself and Sharon.

Politics and all the money and Hollywood performances and broken promises, twitter hate, Facebook ugly, self appointed gods are ruining our country. I am a registered Independent because I think both parties have failed America. BOTH PARTIES have driven America so far in debt we are drowning in red ink. When a politician says they are going to send you a stimulus check, know that its just monopoly money. We are broke! The Federal Reserve owns America. We are in the worst spot since the Great Depression.

What I will say about this upcoming election here in New Mexico is very vital to vet your candidates by God’s Word. It is very vital to stop the killing of God’s babies. Have we as a people become so blind that we do not realize that there is ramifications in allowing God’s babies to be killed?

I do not know why God does not give up on us! We act like fools at times. Now we argue about masks, as babies die. foolish behavior. We certainly do not have our priorities in check with God’s Word. I beleive that stopping the killing of God’s babies should be the number one priority.

We the people only want to hear what we want to hear! We have a hearing problem!! Many are not hearing from God.

Elisa Martinez is running for office, her ultimate goal is to defeat Democratic Rep. Ben Ray Luján who is so pro-abortion its almost unbelievable. Of the three candidates in the GOP Primary race, I only know Elisa. How do I know her? From my days on KKIM Christian Radio and here at FGGAM covering the abortion issue. She has and is fighting on the front lines for God’s babies. I have covered the pro-life movement in New Mexico for a long time and Elisa has been steady in that fight, being able to rally the people of New Mexico to rise up for God’s babies. I have interviewed her, I beleive I know her heart. New Mexico Alliance for Life, which Elisa founded, has blessed our state in so many ways.

I cannot vote in the primary because I am an Independent. I think it is not right that Independents cannot vote! I believe God’s babies should be our number one concern here in New Mexico and America. Vet your candidates with the Word of God, know who their Pastor is. When I worked for Ed Moore at WFRN Radio in Elkhart, Indiana we would always encourage our listeners to Vet the candidates with the truth, God’s Word and we would know who their Pastor was as a personal reference.

As I have stated I do not know Mark Ronchetti or Gavin Clarkson, I have seen Mark on TV and heard Gavin speak once. I am told by my friends that both are good men.

Now you vet and vote.

The Journal always does a good job on interviewing the candidates. ABQ Journal Report

Billy Graham hits another home run for JESUS with this post which is taken from his writings…….

Tribune Content Agency

Is our selfish society responsible for the rise of humanism?

May 16, 2020

From the writings of the Rev. Billy GrahamQ: It’s said that society is selfish and this is why humanism has become so acceptable. Is this something new? — H.S.

A: Humanism is the worship of man. It has taken on the form of religion; glorifying self and taking God out of His rightful place. A London magazine carried a story that said, “No more subtle enemy has ever faced the Christian church than this one which dethrones her God and replaces Him with its [creation].”

Young people today may not know who Julian Huxley was, but he said that if humanism is to acquire a wider appeal, it must become a religion. The religion of humanism has been around a very long time, but probably because of the growth of communication, it’s more widely recognized.

Humanism has become for many a polite name for a vocal and aggressive movement against God’s truth to advance its own brand of social influence. Humanism isn’t new; it emerged in the Garden of Eden — Adam and Eve yielding to Satan’s temptation. He told them they could be gods (Genesis 3:5).

Mankind continually rejects the revelation of the Bible concerning the true and living God, substituting gods of its own making. Many intellectuals have come to believe that the human mind can understand everything eventually. This is nothing but total rebellion toward God, and Satan is behind it all.

The underlying principle of the devil’s tactics is deception. The Bible warns, “The devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him” (1 Peter 5:8-9). The Lord will help us stand strong in the face of deception if we’ll stay in the Word of God and pray that He will give us discerning minds. And always remember to pray for professors and classmates, that God will open their hearts to His truth that never fails.


(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)


From Yesterday:

I have had enough of the madness on Facebook! The trash talking by ‘so called Christians’ is feeding into such ugly, ugly hate. In the name of JESUS! STOP IT!

A man posted hate on Facebook and the results is this: ABQ man pleads guilty to threatening governor’s life

Hate brings more hate. You attract more people with the love of Jesus. You will never bring people into the Kingdom of God with a sledge hammer! If you let God, He will show you how to love and hold people countable in a loving way. I call it tough love, in the love of Jesus! Amen! The Lord has taught me much about love and accountability over the years, my heart has been softened by my Lord, but I still hold myself accountable to the Word of God and share that tough love with all. Read Abby Johnson story

I remember hearing Abby being interviewed about a year ago or so on ‘Focus on the Family’ and she was asked what attracted her to Jesus and and leave Planned Parenthood. She stated it was the love of Christians, not the protesters, name calling, and all the hate, it was the LOVE OF JESUS she was shown.

When hate is spewed out, others take notice and if they are not on a stable foundation, they make take other actions of hate, like the man who threatened the life of Governor Lujan Grisham.

Listen, I do not agree with the Governor, the President, the Mayor….on all issues, but I do not call them names or make threats! Listen I monitor Facebook, it is what we do here at FGGAM to help take the pulse of the American people and Christian community. Some of you better clean up your own back yard before you criticize others.

Many politicians are such a bad example our children.

Right now America has no peace maker. I pray that America seeks Jesus, the face of Jesus and repents and returns to God.

America has turned politics into a god.

I am a registered Independent, because I beleive both parties behave badly. I vote for the individual and vet them with the Word of God and also who their Pastor is.

I warn all, that when you post hateful things you are showing an unbelieving word what it wants to see from crazy Christians.

I have been in news since 1978. I started at the Minnesota News Network as a weekend news producer. In my days I have not seen such bad behavior from Christians.

My Mommy and Daddy always told us to behave ourselves.

I am deeply sadden by the immaturity of many.

Hate is destroying America.

This hate is not getting us anywhere, we are such a divided nation, I do not know if it will ever come back together, this is the worst division in America since the Civil War, even the Church is divided.

We have this verse on the front page of our website. It seems to me that many have broken this command!

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another:
just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.
By this all people will know that you are my disciples,
if you have love for one another.
John 13:34-35

I’m not a popular Pastor……or blogger…..I do not do what I do for man…I do what I do because I was called by God to do what I do.

I do not live for a popularity contest, never have.

I may be the Maytag Repairman of the day and future…..but it is my calling and I have peace in that.

My life verse is…..

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” -Acts 20:24

I was reminded by a great man of God last night that many New Mexico Pastors signed the Manhattan Declaration years ago, myself included. I pray that you all read it and will sign it. Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience

Thank you Kelly Snelgrove for the Word of The Day:

Therefore, holy brothers and sisters, who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, whom we acknowledge as our apostle and high priest.
Hebrews 3:1

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