We Have To Love


Episode 91

Thanks for tuning in Folks! In this episode, I am focusing on a very important passage of scripture in the book of Luke about Love. As we face a very trying time in our lives with the Covid-19 pandemic, people being murdered and so much more. In this message I discuss the many issues going on in our world right now and offer hope from the Word of God. The current situation where the Black gentlemen was killed by the police officers was truly tragic and such a sad situation and uncalled for. And yes there are many murders all over the world every day but it’s always rougher when it hits close to home. Pray folks but not only pray it’s time to think of ways to impact the lives of those around you in any way you can. My prayer is that this episode will open your hearts and eyes and get you stirred up in the Word of God and cause you to make a difference right where you are at. God Bless and Love to You All.

MP3: https://relevancefortoday.libsyn.com/we-have-to-love

Video: https://youtu.be/x716AYMmpEs



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