TEAM JESUS! Pray for the Rick Stambaugh Family! Horrible Car Accident!

Our Dear Brother Rick Stambaugh’s lovey wife Sandy, daughter Tiana & granddaughter Angel where in a head on collision. We are praying over all. We are praying for complete healing for Sandy, Tiana and Angel. We also pray for peace and comfort for Rick. Rick and Sandy our dear friends of many here at FGGAM.  Rick used to write for us here at FGGAM. Rick also spoke at the Revival we had at FBC in Reserve years ago.
You can go to Rick’s Facebook page for updates. Click on his name.




Requesting continued prayers.
Update: Sandy is still on the ventilator due heavy lung bruising & a high heart rate. They’re bringing that down & will hopefully be off the vent soon. She has 5 fractured ribs which lacerated her spleen. Blood loss has been replaced & spleen repaired without surgery so far. The break in her leg femur is in a rather difficult location & condition so they plan another ct before moving forward on that. Surgery will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday. She is still very heavily sedated & I don’t believe shes aware of where she is at present from all reports I’ve got. Due to the covid situation she can only have 1 visitor while shes there so I haven’t even seen her yet. Her sister Sue is filling that roll to free me up to see to Tiana & Angel. Tiana is home but in much discomfort but managing. He son Xavier is being a great help to me trying to care for her while I bounce around all the obstacles. Angel is still in Orlando & is trying to be as brave as possible but this is all a lot for such a young lady. In addition to her lower spinal injury she also suffered a broken thumb of all things. She’ll be going into surgery between 7 & 8 in the morning so I’ll be leaving here about 4:30 to make sure I’m there with her. I apologize for anyone I haven’t responded to directly in all the different posts & shares going around or if I happened to miss a call here & there. Things are pretty hectic & I’m trying to make sure everything that needs doing gets done in addition to everyday life. All prayers continue to be requested & greatly appreciated!!! I’ll update again when I can. May God Bless you all!

 — in Palm Coast, Florida.

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