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PRAY TEAM JESUS: “Your whole Life is in a house and it’s gone”-Residents in Michigan Return After Evacuations

Our Dear Freind Pam posted this last night on Facebook. Our hearts break at this news. I cannot even imagine the pain……please hold up all to our Lord. Love you Pam and your hubby Rich. We will be praying for Patty and Jim and all those who are suffering.
Pam Gustafson Yoder is with Rich Yoder.

This is my cousin Patty and her husband Jim (they kept calling him Jerry) talking about their loss of their house in the flood in Sanford. ????
Please send prayers for them

‘Your whole life is in a house and it’s gone’ — Residents in Midland County return after evacuations

Mid-Michigan homes, roads destroyed by massive flooding after dam failures

SANFORD, Mich. – Many people who lived in Sanford returned home to find nothing left after Tuesday’s dam failures and floods.

“Roads were blocked off so this is the first time we could get here,” said Pat Perry. “It is astonishing. I can’t believe the devastation.”

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Michigan News

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