PRAY TEAM JESUS! Woman Rescues Egg Farmer’s 80,000 Hens, 10,000 Pigs Are Being Euthanized Daily in Minnesota


I am so crushed by this news…….Having grown up in farm country in Minnesota, this news really gets to me. I have family that are hog producers back home. This is like a nightmare for many. I feel their pain. Lord, please help all these farmers. We all are connected to the farmers of America.

Hamburg egg farmer Josh Zimmerman faced disaster about a month ago when his bulk-egg processor ran out of storage for liquefied eggs for cruise ships, hospitals, hotels, and school cafeterias. The yellow goo from millions of eggs, stored in bladder bags, had filled all the available freezer space. So processors had to shut off the flow.

How a Berks County woman used Facebook to rescue an egg farmer’s 80,000 hens amid the coronavirus

In Minnesota, 10,000 pigs are being euthanized a day

Pigs Buried Alive in China


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