LORD, Please . . . Your Pastors



I have a heart for all of God’s called pastors, but I feel deeply for the thousands of pastors of smaller congregations.   Many of which have no staff support, musical talent is limited, as is their funding often times.  Right now, all pastors need prayer; all need the LORD’s hand of power.   So, I pray for pastors in these tough times:


LORD Jesus, many pastors today are experiencing the heaviness of pressure mounting while trying to keep the church alive while apart, wondering and needing the resuming of normal, but powerful worship within the gathered safety of Your House of Prayer. Confusion and fear from the enemy is all around these precious called pastors. Whether he is trying to discourage, to sidetrack, to tempt, to cause to give up, or to take their eyes off You, he is always around.

LORD, Your pastors (we) need Your Supernatural Power to stand strong and not surrender.  Physical force will not help, because You have said the weapons of our warfare are different from those in this world.   As believers, our weapons in You are powerful and can demolish strongholds and lies. These supernatural weapons originate in You.   By Your precious Name and Blood, Jesus, I ask You to confuse the evil one and cancel his attempts to shut pastors and their influence down.   Help them (us) not to become discouraged or to give in during these heavy times of testing.

When we are tired and weak, You are strong, and You are our only source of help.   We cannot fight without You.  Teach us how to pray and to trust You to pull down those strongholds that make us feel helpless.  Guard us from this isolation that leaves us exposed and vulnerable.   I believe You destroyed the power of our enemy by Your death and resurrection.   But, the enemy keeps showing up, whispering lies, twisting truth, and attempting to weaken our resolve, even bringing tears and physical anguish.   He never gives up.

LORD, in Your name I agree and proclaim the devil and his demons liars. Through the power of Your precious Name and Blood, I agree with Your Word and the truth that You are in Your precious pastors, and that You are greater than the enemy who wants to rule the world.   You, Your Word, and prayer, are our weapons.   They belong to You, and that fills them with a powerful God-confidence.   May we constantly dress in the spiritual armor You give us.   Help us use it to defend others from Satan’s fiery darts as well.   No one and nothing can snatch us away from Your hand.

Strengthen our faith, Lord.   Forgive our sins, so that we may be clean in Your righteousness.   Make us bold, to stand and fight the spiritual battles in our life and in our world.   Give Your wisdom and discernment so we will not be caught off guard.   Together, Lord, we pastors will win, because in truth, You already have, in Jesus’ powerful name, before which every knee shall bow, Amen!

 Church; pray for your pastors.  Pray On!

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