Keeping It Real This Mother Day and After ~By Stephen Lewis

Does She know You Appreciate Her?


When God created Eve many years ago he didn’t just create a helpmate for Adam, He created a powerful human being that in time would become a Mother. Eve would go on to raise many children and pour out her love, faithfully and with grace. Mothers are Amazing, sure there are some that may have missed the mark and for those of you who have had a rough life due to a Mother who neglected, abused or left you, I apologize for that. My prayer for you is that you come to know Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord and you learn how to love and forgive.

Today I want to honor the Mothers who are out there especially my Amazing Wife Barbara, our Daughter Samantha, and those including my Mother who recently passed away in March of 2019, and my Mother In law who passed away back in 2014. Mothers who love their children so much that they allowed them to be born and not cut their life short in the womb. (For those of you who have had abortions and wish you hadn’t my heart goes out to you and prayers).

Today I want to keep it real and speak the truth about what many Mothers are going through. Many of you out there are stressed, depressed, unappreciated, worn out, desperate, stretched, unsupported, feeling unloved, overwhelmed, lost, frustrated, and the list goes on. Their exteriors are tough but deep down inside their interiors are soft and sometimes broken, they walk tall and yet inside feel small, they smile while holding back tears of brokenness, sometimes they ask themselves why or what did I ever do. Overall Mothers as far as I am concerned are taken advantage of more than any other person or profession on this earth; yet they, in most cases, deserve the most praise.
Hallmark and other card makers paint pictures of butterflies and flowers and share a make-believe life of bliss every year around this time and that’s just a fairytale for most Mothers. Cards, Flowers, and meals are great on Mother’s day but what about the rest of the year? Does your Mother know how thankful you are for everything she has done for you throughout your life? Have you even told her thankyou for the times when you know she could have chewed your head off and instead showed love or broke down and cried? Do you even notice how many sacrifices your Mother has made to help get you to where you are or do you really think you did it all by yourself? Have you ever just given her a hug for no reason and said: “Mom I love you so much”? Or what about a phone call to say Mom I just want to talk and see how you are doing?

If we all put our pride aside and start looking at the Woman who helped raise us and nurture us all of our lives we will see an amazing individual with thicker skin then a Rhino. They have a heart so big that no matter what you do to them they will still stand in your corner when things go wrong. These amazing Mothers will take a ”lickin and really keep on tickin” like they used to say about a Timex Watch! My point in this message for Mother’s day is its time to give credit where credit is due. We all need to speak life and love into our Mothers, we truly have no idea what they did for us and are still doing in some cases behind the scenes. They deserve our love, our respect, and our thankfulness.
So on this Mother’s day weekend, I challenge all of you to show your Mother real love, not just because a holiday reminded us to, but because you should. One of the things I have been doing for many years was to write my parents love letters. In that letter, I reminisce about certain times growing up with them at home as well as apologizing for being a knucklehead at times. These letters always bring tears of thankfulness, laughter, and gratefulness; I encourage you to try it soon. I wrote my Mother a Love Letter in February 2019 and she read it and we enjoyed talking about it together and on March the 13th 2019 she passed away after complications with a stroke. Don’t wait until it’s too late folks trust me.

In closing, I want to also encourage Husbands to make sure you encourage your spouses (if you have children) by letting them know how much you also appreciate them, after all, they are the Mother of your Children. So with that being said, I pray this message will encourage you, that it will strengthen Mothers all around the world and that we as children (of all ages) will wake up and give credit where credit is due. God Bless You All, Happy Mother’s Day and Love You All.

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