How to Stop A Hate Pandemic


My Freind Pastor Charlie Elmore posted this on his Facebook page! Wonderful message of love. I met Charlie years ago at the Edgewood Father’s Day Car Show! I have been preaching for years that hate is tearing America apart, that and politics. Thank you Charlie for allowing me to post this at FGGAM! Love in Jesus to you all!

From Charlie……

I couldn’t fall asleep Saturday as my mind raced with thoughts of the divided State of our Union, the slain Ahmaud Arbery, and the way COVID-19 has altered the way we live. I wrote these thoughts down. I struggled using the word “hate,” but ultimately, that’s what persistently plagues our species, along with selfishness and greed. I’m still clinging to Divine Love.

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Charlie is the Associate Pastor at New Life City in Albuquerque.

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