Do You Hear God?


Welcome to the House of Hope,
I’m Pastor Dewey Moede.
This morning I would like to share with you about talking with God! Do you listen to God? How are you and God getting along? Are you close to God? How is your prayer life? During this time of great stress are you listening to Him? My life is so much better since I have become to close to God I can hear Him! No, I am not crazy! I’m crazy for God that is for sure!

Yesterday I was talking with a lovely lady from Windom, Minnesota and she shared with me what her Pastor said, “Give your self a break, turn off the TV news, for 1 week, we all know what the news is and if you go on Facebook skip all negative postings.”

All the negative is wearing down America.

Cowboy Deacon Charles McCargish told me last night, “If people do not have Jesus, they are being swept away.”

Amen to that! PRAY DEAR ONES!

Listen to God not the TV, The TV is propaganda news against God.

Listen to God…….I pray that this radio broadcast touches your heart, soul and mind! Amen!

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