You Can’t Get a Haircut in New Mexico, But You Can get an Abortion!


I just finished my run with Daisy and it is a time I also talk with God…more importantly to listen to God. I have been reporting and preaching against abortion for years…and the Lord told me this morning to speak out MORE in LOVE for His babies. So I prayed and asked the Lord what do I say?
How can God be happy with us here in New Mexico that will continue to kill His babies? I am just completely stunned that abortions continue in New Mexico while many, many businesses are closed during this pandemic! I can’t get a haircut, but abortions still take place.What a horrific message that sends. Governor Lujan Grisham in the love of Jesus, you have the power to end the killing of babies, you have the power to close those clinics at this time! I ask you in the love of Jesus, please. I first met you years ago when you visited the ARC of New Mexico “White Hat” Award Ceremony, which was given to Heather Wilson. You cared enough to come visit with all of us at the ARC of NM. (I was on the Board of Directors at that time) You saw how the clients of the ARC had overcome many disabilities in their life. They were given life by God and their Mother. Please give all the babies the opportunity we all have, the gift of life. I would welcome to visit with you on this and other matters. Please contact me at Please help God’s babies.

Governor, you have been very aggressive in fighting the pandemic, saying every life counts, Thank you for that, but why do you not put that same aggressiveness into ending abortion in our state?

President Ronald Reagan — ‘I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.’

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