Will COVID-19 Lead to the Next Great American Awakening? America is Realizing More and More it Needs God!

This is just wonderful! PTL!!! What a superduper blessing! God has shown me this pandemic is a wake up call for all us. Look what God is doing!!!!!!!!!!! Click on the link in the post and read: Will COVID-19 Lead to the Next Great American Awakening?
I want to remind us us all that to please keep sending your tithes to your Church. U.S. mail, by your Church’s website or other means that are available to you. The Church marches on for JESUS and you, even with the stay at home order!
Here at FGGAM during this time we have seen great growth in our readership and listenership. We thank the Lord for using us for His Kingdom, to bring His light to one person at a time. Please keep us in your prayers.
I think we finally are beginning to realize we need God.
Thank you Dr. Jim Denison for this report:

Greg Laurie’s congregation, Harvest Christian Fellowship, had an online audience of around 8,000 per week before the pandemic. The first week after they were forced to worship exclusively online, their audience skyrocketed to 250,000. The following week, 350,000 tuned in. The week after, the audience grew to 634,000.

Last Sunday, they had 1.3 million people watching their livestream.

Even more significantly, his church over the last four weeks has seen more than 21,000 people indicate their desire to put their faith in Jesus for salvation.

Laurie is praying that God is using the pandemic to spark a spiritual awakening in our day. His article closes: “We will get through this crisis. We just don’t know how long it will take. But we know this: we are not alone. Hope has a name, and it’s Jesus Christ who loves each and every one of us and longs for a relationship with us.

“So, hold on to hope. Hold on to him.”

Dr. Jim Denison

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