The People Liked False Prophets

God Bless you Man of God, Pastor Jude Sisneros! Thank you for your message today!
Jude Sisneros

What an awesome scripture.. Micah 2:11 “If a liar and deceiver comes and says, ” I will prophesy for you plenty of wine and beer’, he would be just the prophet for this people”.. .. In other words… The people liked false prophets who told them only what they wanted to hear..Micah spoke against prophets who encouraged the people to feel comfortable in their sin.. Preachers of today become popular when they don’t ask too much of us.. And when they tell us greed, lust, might even be good for us.. But a true teacher of Gods Word speaks truth, regardless of what the hearers want to hear.. Perfect example .. Prosperity Gospel Preachers… If God was going to compromise when it comes to sin.. How could we even want to worship a God who would send his Son to die for our sins? Wouldn’t that make it a senseless act on his part? If God was ever going to change his mind about something.. I believe God would not want his son to suffer the way he did.. So if he won’t change his mind in that.. What makes you think God will change his mind when it comes to sin? Some may justify and say, ” it’s because he loves us”.. Yup that is a truth .. He does love us.. And he also loved his Son.. Simple truth.. God+ death+cross+His Son+suffering-sin=love for us.. Got the picture? Or should we compromise that.. ?

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