The Belly Of The Whale


As some of you know me personally, sometimes the Lord will show me a vision or give me a Word that I can use to either do a Podcast Show, or as of late make a Doodly video to challenge and encourage Brothers and Sisters in Christ around the World. This short vision was given to me back in December 2019. I didn’t get the full picture until I was sitting in a worship service and the Pastor shared a vision that the Lord gave her. Her vision was the end result of the mine!! In this vision Jesus is standing on the Coastline pointing across the ocean and saying: “Go Make Disciples”. The clouds are slightly opened and God is looking down with Jonah and saying “Will they ever get out of the Belly of the Whale?” and also “What are they going to do when they get out of the belly of the Whale?” In the ocean are hundreds of Whales with People inside, just like when Jonah was in the Whale for not being obedient to God and taking the news to Nineveh. The whales can represent this Quarantine we are in, or anything else that you might be able to relate to that you are stuck in. The Pastor’s vision was of being in a dark place, and her name was being called, and then she ended up being on the shore… how relative is that.

Watch and pray that this video touches the lives of the right people. If this does not speak to you, do not lash out in the comments section just keep scrolling please. As we get out of the Belly of The Whale what will we do, will we do this Christian walk differently? What will you and I do differently? And lastly what has God been telling you to do all this time that you have not done God Bless You All and be Safe. Love to You All


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